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Wish Me Luck, I see my Radiation Oncologist tomorrow for a semi-annual check up. I am sure my appointment is going to be ok,

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Bella Luna
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but the very idea of going down to the dungeon( radiation oncology department is underground) and walking down that long corridor brings back awful memories.

I have to say my doctor and the staff there are wonderful. It's just the idea of having to go back that makes me a little uneasy. I think you can relate.

Again, it should be ok.


New Flower
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wishing you good luck and easy time tomorrow. I hope you and your radiation oncologist will have good old friends chat. My radiation oncologist is a nice doc too.

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I get the same feelings every time I have to go back. I'm praying all will be fine! Take a deep breath and KNOW that you are in our thoughts and prayers.



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Best wishes for your appointment tomorrow. (((hugs)))) xoxoxox Lynn

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keeping a good thought for you tomorrow and I hope you can go "down to the dungeon" and come back with good news.


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Totally understandable. I hope all is well. and you do something good for yourself!

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can put you right back to time and place...(sometimes good) like it was just yesterday...

Maybe after this walk down hall the next one will be easier...!!!

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Megan M
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Good luck today!

Hugs, Megan

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Good luck Bella Luna tomorrow! Will be looking for good news!

Hugs, Debby

RE's picture
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Bella you are right I can relate and I will be there with you in spirit. Let us know how things went when you get back, as you said it should be fine.


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Different Ballgame
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Dear Bella Luna,

You are going to be fine. They basically are checking your skin and body because they were radiated. Concentrate on how wonderful your doctor and staff were. It will make for a more pleasant visit.

I told my radiation oncologist that the best thing about having radiation was meeting her. She was a very warm and caring doctor who I connected to immediately. She was the plus to the treatment!

So...may what I have saId might give you a different perspective.

Lots of Hugs,

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We will walk that long, dark hallway with you and be there during the visit. Just visualize all of us with flashlights to brighten the way. Hoping for a great checkup

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All of your pink sisters will be with you Bella Luna. So, hold our hand, look at our smiling faces and know that everything will be fine!

Sue :)

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You have got all the luck I can send!

Hugs, Jan

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Try skipping down that hall, and keeping in mind that the LAST time you were there, you could barely walk!!!

I did that, and I got smiles all around! (Remember, you never know who you are influencing, each and every moment!)

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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your direction, Miss Ines. I'll be there holding you hand, during your walk, and office visit!

Strength and Courage,

Vicki Sam

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Joined: Oct 2010

I am the opposite...the cancer center is very nice...even when I go to another dr is same building I stop in Radiation to say Hi to all the staff...it's been 2 1/2 yrs..they still remember my name when I POP IN!

I"ll be think ing of you @BL...sorry bad memories...

Denise W

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Joined: Jun 2009

Wishing you good luck and sending good thoughts and hugs!


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Bella Luna
Posts: 1579
Joined: Aug 2009

Thank you Sisters for all the warm wishes! Your kind words really mean a lot to me. I am going to try your suggestion KathiM. Skipping down the corridor might do the trick! I know all of you will be there in spirit pushing me on and forward!

Take care, God bless.

Posts: 6561
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sounds good to me...!

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Prayers are with you! I have a real love/hate relationship with doctors now: I hate to go and am a nervous wreck when I have to see them, but I hate to not see them and I am a nervous wreck if they tell me I don't need to be seen so often. Sigh....I guess I'm just a wreck ;-)

But rest assured, I will be with you today, and if you like lattes, I'll be your supplier!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
Posts: 2415
Joined: Sep 2010

Sending my hugs and positive energy...


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and you will be great. We're all thinking of you and sending you are best vibes.

Hugs, Renee

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are scary places. I'm joining the others -- we'll be with you today.

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Double Whammy
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What do they look for, anyway? My first post radiation check is April 1. My follow-ups are every 4 months. What kind of things are they making sure we don't have? Do they also palpate your breast? Mine just looked at my breast during radiation, didn't touch it, but she did prior to radiation. She also used the words "your tumor is" often. What tumor? Thought I had it removed!

I hope your appointment goes (went?) well. Did you skip?


Posts: 4376
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Good luck to you!

Hugs, Jan

Posts: 4376
Joined: Jun 2009

Good luck to you!

Hugs, Jan

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Good luck! I will be looking for an update and I know it will be good news!

Hugs, Angie

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Hope everything went well today BL!! Thinking of you :)
Miles of Love,

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Lots of luck Bella!

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Posts: 4554
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thinking of you

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Bella Luna,

I am so sorry that I am late weighing in on this post and sending you (((((hugs))))! It seems this is the week for joining not just hears, but arms so that we can skip down any long corridors; actual or imagined!


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Sending luck and cyber hugs!


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