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We are so much confused!

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So my mom saw the second oncologist today. He went through all the tests that she has already done and examined her. He told her that it is not clear for him yet that she has a breast cancer not lung or bone cancer.The mammogram showed only a small nodule in her breast. The biopsy report is not very clear for him and there are still more tests that want her to do. He argued that she can not start chemotherapy as advised by the other oncologist until he is very sure where the primary cancer is located ( The other oncologist confirmed that she has breast cancer) . He promised that after she does the new tests he will be able to diagnose her case very accurately and will tell her the treatment plan.
My mom started feeling pain in her back 4 months ago and took them 4 months to diagnose that she has cancer. She had part of the tumor removed from her back almost two weeks ago and since then we have been waiting for the biopsy reports to know what will be the course of treatment. I am very worried that we may be loosing the battle to the cancer since she didn't start her treatment yet. I am not sure what is the damage due to the wrong diagnosis in the beginning and if the extra few days the new oncologist is asking for will make a big difference. The oncologist resume looks very impressive by the way, a lot better than the first one and he works for a better cancer center. I
I appreciate your input about the situation. Have a good evening.

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The farther down I read into your post, the more it sounds like you already have your answer. The first place where your Mom was treated doesn't sound very responsive to her desire to get going with treatment. This new oncologist wants to take a little extra time to make sure he knows what sort of primary tumor he's dealing with, which he would not be doing if he thought it would make a big difference. Given what you've said here, I think your Mom would be far better served by the second oncologist and his team.

Good luck and God bless,

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Sometimes a 3rd or even 4th opinion is called for.

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I have to agree with Rague, maybe a 3rd opinion? I never knew that oncologist's would be this confused.

Good luck,


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I must agree with what Joe just posted. I do not think you can properly treat a cancer unless you can determine its primary source. Generally speaking, a few days will not make a difference in the ultimate outcome. Please ask oncologist #2 to request a Tissue of Origin test via Pathwork Diagnostics.

You and your mom are certainly being put through the ringer, aren't you? I also had a difficult diagnosis that took more than the "usual" amount of time. I truly feel what you are both going through. No one deserves this.

Good luck.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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It certainly sounds like you have more confidence in the 2nd doc. What does your mom think? And I agree that the doc wouldn't be recommending the additional tests if he thought the additional time would be a problem.

Come back and let us know what you decide.



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I'm glad you went to a second oncologist. It is important for them to know the primary cancer because that will determine the chemo cocktail they use. Sending up prayers for you and your Mom!
Miles of Love,

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My mom did the rest of the tests that the new oncologist requested. However, she will not be able to see him until next week. The pain that he had in her back before the surgery has returned. This is making us very worried especially that her neurosurgeon advised her last week to start the treatment right away. We are wondering if we are taking a risk by waiting for one more week.She is already stage 4 because the cancer is already in the vicinity of the spine and her lungs but could the cancer spread out extensively in one week?. Thank you all.

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