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I saw oncology Dr.and had dry run for radiation

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I had two appointments today one with the oncology Dr. and had my dry run for radiation,oncology Dr. said the words i had been longing for he gave me 85 to 90 percent survival rate he said he gave me such aggressive chemo so I'd live a long life and gave me a hug and said he'd see me in three months and then I'd have a pet/scan.radiation therapist gave me some more marks all over my chest i had markers done last week so they drew some more but said i could wash them off and i start rads tomorrow they gave me the cream aquaphor,Oh yes oncology Dr. gave me some meds for the neuropathy,I will keep you all posted.MOLLYZ

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I know those words were music to your ears! Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to now. Good luck with the rads tomorrow and hope that you will breeze through them. Yeaaa! to Mollyz!

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What meds did your dr. give you for the neuropathy? I am desperate! I've been taking vitamin B6 but it hasn't helped. I am almost a year out of chemo. My oncologist said after this long, it probably won't be going away. Thanks, Linda

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Dr. gave me a prescription for Lyrica but not sure if I'm taking it yet I've got to get some more advice off the board from ladies who have taken it in the past it has lots of side effects. MOLLYZ

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Your doctor sounds like a very caring and compassionate person.



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great news!

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Great doctors and good news too! Good luck with rads! Keep us updated!

Hugs, Debby

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Now just focus on getting the rads done and you will be on your way. Make sure you use lots of Aquaphor!


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I wish you the best with your treatments!I had great team at my treatment center! I was very fortunate I had NO side effects! I wish you the same-

best wishes heading your way...

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Hoping you breeze through those rads--it really goes faster than you think it will. And, like all the others have said--keep that skin moist and supple throughout.

Hugs, Renee

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Thanks ladies it did go well today the Dr. wrote a prescription for lyrica for the neuropathy I'm not sure if I'm going to take it I'm just beginning to feel a little normal and it has side effects dizzy,increase appetite, drowsiness, and trouble concentrating has anyone had to take this? MOLLYZ

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My neurologist prescribed lyrica for my nueropathy. My neuropathy is pretty severe (grade 2), I took the Lyrica and it did help tremendously but I don't care for the side effects. Dizziness was the biggest one. Lyrica is VERY expensive as well so I basically got to the point I couldn't afford it anymore.
Mollyz, it sounds like you are getting great news and I wish you all the best with radiation. Remember to use that cream as much as you can, it really helped me and I didn't burn one bit.
Miles of Love,

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Thanks everyone,MOLLYZ

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