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Never a dull moment

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Hello all

Well I'm doing fine. I'm now nearly a month out from the stereotactic radiation treatments and doing well. I've been very pleased with how few side effects I've had and have resumed my normal activity schedule. My weight lifting coach has declared me 100% which is great, though with that has come stepped up workouts with heavier weights. I continue with my three infusions/week of one Iscador (mistletoe) on Tuesdays and two IV Vitamin C on Wednesdays and Thursdays. These will continue for awhile yet (6–12 months). March 7 is my next CT scan and I travel to Casper for my appointment with my radiation oncologist March 10.

The unexpected news this time though is regarding my husband Dave. On the return trip home from a board meeting in DC Thursday Feb. 10, Dave was unable to get off the plane in DIA (Denver, CO) because of severe back pain. He was transported to a Denver hospital where, after an MRI and an aspiration of the inflamed area between L2 and L3, the spine specialist, neurologist, and infectious disease docs determined discitis caused by a gram positive cocci bacteria from either oral or intestinal origin that opportunistically found a place in the spinal disc to set up shop. They see five or six cases of discitis a year at Rose Medical in Denver. He started on IV antibiotics Saturday evening. He now is medically stable with the infection in his disc responding well and on Thursday February 17, he was moved to a long term acute care facility near Ft Collins, CO.

Dave's case is considered medically complex but very curable. He has a PICC line for the IV antibiotics, and will be on this for at least six weeks. He still has a lot of pain but is now on oral pain medication and off the morphine pump. He can move his arms and legs in the bed, but still cannot sit or stand, which puts weight on his spine, for long periods. We skyped this past Sunday and his spirits are up as he is able to do more and feel more connected. It will take some time to for the swelling in the disc to reduce and this is what requires the long term acute care and pain management.

Because it's unpredictable how quickly someone will heal from discitis, we don't know when Dave can return home (I've heard anywhere from 1 week to the end of March). When he comes home, he needs to be ambulatory and able to do daily living tasks. He can do the IV antibiotic treatments at home.

His sister is the primary family contact in CO, and lives in Ft Collins. She has been visiting everyday and his nieces are also frequent visitors. We also have friends in the area who are very involved and very helpful.

Meanwhile, I'm holding down the ranch here in Wyoming and so grateful that I feel as well as I do. Plowed the driveway again Sunday though this time only 4" of snow. Got plenty of firewood and the border collie is excellent company.

all the best, Leslie

Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.
~Grandma Moses

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so sorry about your hubby.i dont know what we would do if mine got sick.he has been my rock since this whole thing started.im glad you are feeling good and can do things on the ranch.i dont do to much aroud here except feed and love my dogs and horses.i do clean out the barn but i maybe starting chemo again soon and probably wont feel like doing much.tell your hubby we are thinking of him and to hurry up and get better...Godbless....johnnybegood

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Yes, it's good I'm feeling well since that is less worry for him. He was so delighted to help me roast some coffee beans (his hobby) while we skyped the other day. I was delighted to see the o'le Dave and to have good coffee in the morning! There are many fortunate things in the is this unfortunate circumstance including Dave being in Denver (not DC!!) near a large hospital where this was diagnosed quickly. If he'd been here in WY he would've been life flighted out.

all the best to you johhnybegood as you start down this new treatment path. Holding you in my heart.

love, Leslie

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hi leslie,

its great to hear you feel well, i am equally feeling well and grateful also.

sorry about hubby problem but glad its sorted medically.

i to am on the verge of starting weight training, how long have you been lifting.

rnjoy the ranch and i hope hubby comes home soon in good health.


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I started in Sept 09 after I went to PT for a couple months after my chemo ended May 09. I really think that weight lifting and walking a lot has helped me a bunch. I'm also a swimmer but couldn't fit it all in and being outside walking was more a priority. I swam a bunch in an outside pool when I was in CA this past summer and the weight lifting helped me crank out a mile freestyle quite easily.

all the best to you,

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That is some time you have had... and what a scare for both you and your hubby! I'm so happy to hear he is doing better and expected to recover just fine. And really happy to hear you are doing well on your treatments. I know you are probably sick of the snow... and the work involved with keeping the driveway clear, etc. But from this West Coast gal who rarely gets snow... it all sounds so cozy and fun... you, the dog and a nice warm fire going in the fireplace... and of course a computer to stay in touch with the outside world :)

Enjoy your "me" time :)


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and if you're ever in WY please stop in for some cozy and fun.

all the best, Leslie

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I am sorry to hear of your husband's health scare. It sounds like the medical team has things under control. I hope he has a quick recovery. It is a good thing that he has family nearby. I am glad to hear you are feeling so good.

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well ,as it is going until now,best wishes to you both!

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Hi Leslie,

First of all, I want to say how impressed I am with how you're doing following the stereotactic radiation- that's awesome!
So sorry about what your husband is going through. As you said, it worked out so well that if he couldn't be home with you, at least he ended up in a place where he has a family and friend support system. I will be praying for his recovery.

You take care & please keep us updated,

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