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CT results were good

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Monday evenng my onc called me. I live 4.5 hours away from Stanford and my 52nd birthday was last week. He said, "Here's a birthday present to you, good scan and CEA under 1. You don't need to drive up early tomorrow." It was great news but I almost had a heart attack when I saw his number on my cell.

For those new or down...sometimes good things can happen. I am under no illusions after the last 4 years but this good scan gets me to the 5 year mark sincethe stage 4 dx. I so remember those first days and so little time seemed possible but my kids have grown from 11 to 16 and 9 to 14 and we have shared lots of love.

Thanks all and all my prayers your way...

People have asked and it is no magic bullet but I do the following:
I take 1 aspirin a day, vitamin D, Vitamin B (these were for the neuropathy) and fish oil.
I eat basically as healthy as I can, but still get a burger and cookies now and then.
I stay away from refined sugar and try not to get big spikes but don't really work at it.
Lunches are almost always at school - salad, green teas from costco, almonds and an apple or some fruit

I have seen too many people over these 5 years who were mentally stronger than me, ate better and i'm sure had a stronger faith pass away and I still do not understand the unfairness of it.

I do know that survivor stories helped me. I hope it helps someone out there.
Best always

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Hugs thank you for sharing such good news, and for giving us all hope.

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alot to me.i have recently been dx stage 4 with mets to liver and lung.i am currently awaiting a test to see what kind of chemo will be used.thanks chip for your post and congrats on the great ct scan.we all have to move forward but it seems some of us keep having to take 3 steps back...Godbless...johnnybegood

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Sounds like you are "staying to the right of the green", Chip.

Terrific news and carry on, thanks for sharing with everyone.


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Great birthday present!

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That is where the aspirin a day helps when you get a startle like this...keeps the ole heart stable,,,LOL,,,great Birthday present buddy...keep up the good work...I wish for the same, to get my kids about 5 years older than they are now.....and we both will !!!...Love to ya, Clift

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thanks for sharing them with us!

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Thanks so much for posting. We all need to hear possibilities; it helps us to dream and to carry on. It also helps to share the journey no matter what it is.

all the best, Leslie

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Happy Belated Birthday Chip! I look forward to and am grateful for every birthday I have now!

So glad to hear that your scan was good and you are living life and lovin them kids!


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