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CT colonoscopy

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I'm usually on the Uterine Cancer Board but since I have been identified with MSH6 gene a situation has come up & need advice. I went for a CT of ab/pelvis & they found a "spot" in the cecum area. They don't think it is cancer but I have to have it checked out anyways. The 2 procedures the report mentioned were colonoscopy and CT colonoscopy. She wants me to have a CT colonoscopy. She said she is not worried...but I am. I know there is a link between uterine cancer and colon cancer. Can anyone give me input on your pros and cons of each procedure? I can read about it but it means so much to me to know from those who have actually gone thru this. I had a colonoscopy just last Sept before my major debulking uterine surgery. It was high grade UPSC.

Thank you for your input.


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that we are looking and reading your post...Isn't the virtual a newer way to view with less invasive procedures...no sedation, just 3D images of your lower abdomen. I think that anything less than 10 mms it doesn't see but still being less invasive is a key factor...a colonoscope is what they use for the old method where they can either remove or take snippets of any polyp or growth that may be found during a normal colonoscopy....They may simply want something to cross-reference with.... In any event I wish you the very best in hopes that there is nothing, absolutely nothing to be found.....Best wishes coming to you, Buzz

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I also have a spot on the cecum found by a recent PET. They believe it is on the outside of the cecum and nowhere near the original tumor sight. My CEA is lower than 3 months ago - now 2.5 so they don't think it is malignant either. I am going in tomorrow for a laproscopic procedure and will keep in touch with my situation. who knows it might help us both!

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The main limitation of the CT colonoscopy (virtual colonoscpy)is that you cannot biopsy any abnormalities seen. It involves using a CT to generate virtual images of the colon - but since they are no "in there" they cannot biopsy.

Any abnormal findings on a CT colonoscopy will lead to a follow up colonoscopy anyway to biopsy the findings. You end up with 2 procedures which, depending on your insurance coverage and deductable, could mean a financial hit.

I am MSH 6 positive too and, based on my understanding, we should be having a colonoscopy every year anyway. Our situation is that we may not generate polyps like "typical" colon CA and I would be worried that a CT colonoscopy might miss subtle abnormalities in the bowel wall that could be seen better and biopsied at the same time by good old fashioned colonoscopy (i.e. we are of the non-polyposis hereditary colon cancers).

Just my thoughts and understandings, check with your MD. I'd rather have and pay for one procedure rather than 2.


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Was originally found with a virtual. It did mean following up with the real thing. If nothing had been found I would have waited another 3 years for my normal checkup. I think it may be that you had a colonoscopy so recently that they are lookin to the CT to justify another? Or, she really may think it is nothing and is recommending the least invasive procedure?

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If that spot should happen to be a pre-cancerous polyp, a real colonoscopy could just remove it, and that would be that. (However, it seems strange that a colonoscopy is being recommended so soon after the last one.)


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Thank you for all your thoughts & help on the CT colonoscopy. I did go ahead & had the CT colonoscopy(virtual colonoscopy). It came out okay. I'm very thankful for those results. I would think twice before I had another one though. The prep was not as easy as other colonoscopies I've had, the setup time to get the CT colonoscopy was longer, results took 3 days and would have taken longer had I not called, if there had been something there, I would have had to have another colonoscopy and finally too much radiation.

Thank you all again for your help.

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I believe this gene is associated with the colorectal cancer known as Lynch Syndrome which is usually inherited and is probably what prompted need for colonoscopy.....A mutation to this gene is where the problem lies as we all possess it.....

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These are two common tests, the colonoscopy and the CT/PT. Usually one has a CT/PT CT scan and then a contrast injection for the PT scan. The two scans overlap and then it is easier to see abnormalities. This is not definitive test and may or may not show possible growths. The Colonoscopy may or may not be long enough to get to the Cecum. The colonoscopy shows growths but they can also biopsy to determine what the growths are.

I just had my CT/PT done last week. It is painless and takes 40 min to 60 min. One's skin gets warm when the contrast is injected. My ears always get hot.

The colonoscopy one is knocked out for an hour and then you get to go home about 4 hours from start to finish. The only thing bad is the prep one must drink the day before. It empties the colon and tastes fairly bad. Eat Low residue diet for the first couple of meals after a colonoscopy or you will have diarrhea.

Best Always, mike

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