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Today's TSA experience

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just cleared security in Tampa....scan AND followed up with pat down! I must look radical today.....short spikey hairdo and all! I mentioned I had a prosthesis, and agent knodded yes, your hand. (I was wearing my compression glove) I said no, right breast. No reaction.......very polite and professional......scan took seconds, and pat down was only of shoulders, back hand over chest, and waist!!!! All very interesting and not the horror stories we heard of originally. Hope all TSA agents are as courteous, well trained, and professional as the ones I have encountered last trip and this one so far. Now....off to Miami, then connecting flight to Mexico! Hugs to all.......and don't be afraid to travel when you can. Hugs

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Posts: 607
Joined: Apr 2010

the lymph pump et al in the carry ons did not raise questions this trip....did not even have to open the bag!

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May all the workers be so kind and professional...!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Thanks for sharing, and for inspiring us. Have a wonderful time.

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Thanks for letting us know! Travel here I come! LOL


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What a great adventure. Happy travels to you. xoxoxox Lynn

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Time for rest, relaxation, fun, and maybe a Marguerita or two!

Hugs, Renee

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So glad you had a good experience. I think most do, you just don't hear about them.

Have fun!

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and then they patted down my boots....lol! (In Western Europe, taking off your shoes automatically is not required...)

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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glad the TSA experience was ok. I haven't flown since my surgery but I'm used to pat downs because I have metal body parts already. I'm hoping the next time I fly I too won't have issues with TSA. Enjoy Mexico!
{{hugs}} Char

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