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did anyone watch Dateline last night?

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I was surprised to hear that many chemo treatments haven't changed since the 70's. They interviewed someone who used hair samples at his clinic to come up with alternative treatments---I think they said 200 pills a day. The woman from a NYC hospital negated all of what the other doctor was doing...except for his compassion for patients.

Just shocked about the chemo drugs not being newer...with all the research, etc.
Any thoughts??

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I only caught the second half. But the doctor's reply to the question about chemo drugs still the same as in the 70's was that yes some of the drugs are the same, but many new drugs have been added to the chemo options.

And outside of cancer/chemo there are many drugs in use today that are basically unchanged in the last 40 years.

200 pills a day, coffee enemas, hair analysis, $12k a year...all with no statistical evidence to show that any of it works. If there were numbers to show that results were even equal to traditional medicine, it would be worth looking at.

For me, traditional medicine combined with diet, exercise, and stress reduction makes the most sense. However, if someone I knew wanted to try this approach I would support them wholeheartedly...we all do what we can, right?



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I started to watch it and turned it off got depressed. suzanne sommers just doesnt know what she is talking about. just my opinion. I am reading the emperor of all maladies a biography of cancer , very interesting. description of mastectomies without anesthesia.

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Double Whammy
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Always seem to be a day late and a dollar short. I would have liked to have seen that. Tried to watch it online (not) and from the "preview" I can certainly see that she believes in traditional medicine for botox. Meow. . .


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I am along the lines with Gabe and Abby mom, in good nutrition etc... I think I got depressed because we just dont know right now, so for me there really is no choice. I just dont have me to consider. Although i feel I made the right choice. It will be nice when the cancer bllod test comes out, then people may have a better idea. The book I am reading does explain alot about why more is not known.

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I am just depressed that there has been no cure found for Cancer! We are in the 21 Century, right ?...764649839%%@%R@!


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Even though there is no "cure" for cancer ... I believe many more of us are now living with cancer instead of dying from cancer. I'd like to think that over the years ... even though no cure has been found ... the ability to diagnose earlier ... and the new drugs and treatment combinations ... has given many of us lives ... and quality living ... than we would have had years ago.

There are so many types of cancer that I can't imagine that it will be one big "ah-ha" discovery that will be able to cure and stop the growth of all cancers ... instead ... it will be sort of like many other "illnesses" ... catch it early and treat it early ... and be a survivor of "it." It's a terrible diagnosis for anyone to receive ... but ... I am confident that one day soon modern medicine will be able to locate some gene or something that controls the growth and spread of cancer cells ... and then figure out how to turn that growth off. To me that's almost as good as a cure.


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I flipped and caught as cutting hair to send in...

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