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I found out on Valentines day that one of my friends passed away. She had battled breast cancer for so long and it kept coming back in other places. I am so sad, but I am also greatful to her. She was the one that talked me into getting my first mamogram. It was then that I found out that I had early breast cancer. The doctors said that I wouldn't have felt it until I was 50 (10 years) and because It was found so early I have a better chance of beating this. She probably saved my life, but I couldn't do anything to help her. She talked me thru chemo and radiation and kept me fighting and helped me to become a survivor.

I have been thinking a lot about things since that Monday. I talked to her just a few days before she passed and she didn't tell me how bad things were. I am guessing that she didn't want to scare me or make me sad. We did have a good conversation and I told her I loved her before hanging up, but I really thought I would get to talk to her many more times. I guess that even thought her family told me later that she told them that she was ready, I just wasn't.

My friends name was Tina and she was amazing and I hope everyone has a Tina in their life.
As my son would say.... She was strong and brave and true...

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It is always hard to lose someone and when it is a special friend who shares a common illness or disease it can hit very hard. You are right that she probably didn't want to scare or worry you. And how good you had that conversation and told her you loved her. It is good to know that she was ready. You will come to grips with this and soon, I hope, you will remember all the good times, all the loving advice she gave and just everything wonderful about her. For now, sadness is the primary emotion you are feeling and that is so normal. Tina sounds like an amazing woman and an amazing friend. You were blessed to have her to be there for you. And she is still here as long as you have her in your heart. You son is very wise and I loved his description of her.
My sincere condolences on your loss.

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the loss of your friend. It sounds like she was someone you could count on. I am sure that you were able to help her in ways you do not know. She will be with you forever as long as she is in your heart.


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I'm very sorry about your losing your friend Tina. Losing someone is never easy, and, I pray that you will remember the good times with her and find peace in the days to come.

Good luck to you too,


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I lost long life time friend this summer to cancer-I missed her funeral by 24 hrs (I was at Disney and coulnd't get back)

I too was told it would have been 10 yrs to feel my BC!

I have not been able to get my best friend from childhood to make an appt for mammo...even if I get ONE to do this...I am happy..

so happy your friend talked you into it...

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