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Has anybody tried a specific diet in conjunction with traditional medicine to fight melanoma? If so, is it different for melanoma patients than other cancer patients? Supplements, etc? Thanks!

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The standard Anti-Cancer diet of: No animal protein, no processed foods, no free sugars, no fried foods, no alcohol, and eating mainly raw and fresh Vegetables and fruits is pretty much standard fro all cancer fighters.

There are a few foods that are not recommended for some cancers i.e. Flax seed Oil for Prostate but that information is usually easy to find. As for supplements, the same applies. You do need to make sure no other medical conditions that may exist will be exacerbated by using certain supplements or foods ; like High or low blood pressure, heart conditions, HIV, diabetes, Fanconi syndrome, Celiacs disease etc.

A good Naturopath will usually be one of the best to guide you through this area. Doctors do not study nutrition so don't expect any support or advice on diet and nutrition from their camp.


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