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/I want Control

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Joined: Feb 2011

Well going down this morning to get hair wig and cut done My hair is long and I will donate it pay it forward I feel better about giving my hair to someone else that is going threw this fight.And it won't bother me as much, I hate the idea of loosing it to chemo I want to give it away instead on my terms only This diseases is not getting its way. I want all the control I refuse to let it control me.

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You are very sweet to pay it forward in this way.

I eventually had my head shaved as my short hair was starting to come out. I will tell you that in many cases, longer hair actually causes pain in the scalp before it falls out. So, going short will probably feel better once you start to lose it.

And it's good that you are going to get your wig now, while you still have hair to match it to.

Yes, we must take control of our situation when we can. It always made me feel like I actually had a say in what was happening, because in short order, our cancer and our medical team will take us in the direction that we are going to go.

Now, you may not believe it, but I actually found a positive to being bald. I could jump out of the shower, dry my head and put on a pretty scarf and be ready to go! Never a bad hair day! Never standing in front of the mirror, trying to blow dry my hair into submission! LOL!

Big hugs!

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Posts: 89
Joined: Feb 2011

I just got home had my hair cut off they took 14 inches for locks of love. I just love my new hair style so I ordered a short wig and a long wig for my husband lol. And thank you very much you have made me feel good.....I wish you the best hugs and the power of positive thinking

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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What a wonderful thing you have done...for yourself too. My hair wasn't long enough to donate, but I still had 3 haircuts between dx and the first chemo. Like you, I wanted the control and I wanted to get used to less hair.

Glad you love the new hair!



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You have a great attitude, and it is so thoughtful of you to donate your hair for someone else. Take charge, be in control...I like your thinking! Hugs

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and your wonderful attitude will help you get through this.

I like my short hair too but just to show myself I have really
done it, I want looong hair that blows in the wind when I
drive with my rooftop open. I just like that idea.


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Bella Luna
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I had a hard time with this too. I couldn't deal with my life spinning out of control and having to contend with this insane tidal wave of change. My life, as I knew it, had been turned upside down and I knew it was never going to be the same when I heard the words, "You have cancer."

I didn't see myself as being sick, nor did I want others to view me in that light. I felt my body had failed me and I was upset when I heard my treatment was going to take about a year of my life. But it wasn't only my life, it was also my husband and daughter who were going to be effected by this "glitch", too. I felt like I was at the bottom of Mt. Everest looking up at this massive mountain. I wondered how I was ever going to do get through this.

In time I realized I had to do an attitude adjustment as this way of thinking was not in my best interest. So... I decided I was going to work in partnership with my doctors and put my trust in God. After all, this was a team effort.

I realized this was out of my scope. I was not in control of this, but there were things I could still to do for me. I decided to exercise to keep my body strong, eat better, surround myself with positive family and friends, seek a support group, and focus on getting better. It was a long haul, but I did it!

I am still committed to keeping my TEMPLE( Mind, Body, Soul) strong. It's not over just because I am done with treatment. The challenge is still there. I am putting my trust in God and moving on. I thank God I am here with my family and friends. There are other Warriors who are no longer with us. My heart weeps for them as I know they will be sorely missed, but they left a wonderful legacy. God bless their memory and their families.

My best to you on your journey. Keep moving, don't stop. God bless

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such a nice thing to do, and so glad you like your new do. I wish my hair had come off in the spring, wanted to give it to the birds to make nests. I often thought when I was going through chemo what is the purpose of this? what do I learn? so glad you turned losing your hair into a positive.!!!!

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I also think it's a wonderful thing you are doing as far as donating your hair, and I know the good karma that comes from paying it forward (especially at a time when you are vulnerable) will be returned to you! And although it's not what you wanted, after having long hair for probably a while, I'm glad you got a kick out of how you look with a shorter style.

Having a cancer diagnosis certainly makes us feel out of control, so I congratulate you for taking some of that control back. Well done!

Best regards,


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