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chemo tomorrow

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tina dasilva
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well guys Jorge is having chemo tomorrow.Last week we had blood work and had to see the chemo doctor but our doctor was away so we seen a other one he came into the room and told Jorge that i looked over your file and i have to said things look great and you are a very lucky man.so we go to chemo tomorrow.we also had the ct scans for radiation it looks like Jorge will be doing just the one week of radiation just 5 days and thats it and if the tumor is smaller Jorge will be getting ready for his surgery.the colon doctor looked at his ct scan that was done on Jan 31.2011 and she was very happy she had a simile from ear to ear.but i still cant help but think that something not going right why am i thinking this way its killing me thinking this but i cant get it out of my mind .thanks all of you for hearing be out .hugs Tina

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It all sounds really good to me!

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Tina it is so very normal to have the feeling that a hammer is going to fall at anytime and bring but bad news. Truth is that maybe it will and maybe it won't we pray it never will and pray that Jorge continues to get good news. I hope that things well with chemo tomorrow and that he will rebound quickly from any side effects of this treatment.

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Tina your news sounds so good! Enjoy the positive words and go with it. We all have our worried times, right? Take a breath and enjoy the moment. You're a wonderful caregiver!!


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I'm so happy to hear the good news for you guys.

I totally understand your "waiting for the other shoe to drop" or something's just not quite right feeling. We who are in this cancer mess are suffering from the trauma. I think we all get those feelings. We especially have them when we've been through the twist and turns of this journey. It just seems nothing goes according to plan sometimes.

Try to focus instead on the positive. Look at the great news that you've received and remember the smile on the doctor's face. We really do have to use our energy for the positives because that seems to perpetuate more positive. We need to use our energies wisely. Use your energy for as much of the positive as possible. I haven't been posting as much because I'm tired of only having not so good news to report and am waiting for some good news. When you have the good news .... go full steam ahead with it.

HUGS to you Tina and congratulations on the good news!

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tina dasilva
Posts: 644
Joined: Sep 2010

Thank you guys foe everything without you guys I think I would of gone nuts thanks again hugs to all love Tina

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Will be thinking of you both tomorrow!

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It was like you were reading my mind...all is good so far since cyberknife back in Nov... and I am skeptical still...why do I think that??????? Onc is happy, surgeon is happy, rad onc is happy, Robert is happy. I am happy too, but still I am doubtful. I keep those thoughts to myself. All the what ifs ands or buts.

Hope all goes well tomorrow with Jorge. He will do fine!


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Hi Tina,

Well, that all sounds like good news to me, so I don't think you should go begging for bad news. Bad news has a way of finding you, especially if you dwell on it. If you put all your energy into what possibly could go wrong, even though no one has said anything is wrong, then remember our thoughts are pretty darn powerful bits of energy.... so you do NOT want to be putting your thoughts/energy into thinking bad news, otherwise, you won't be disappointed :/

5 days of radiation.... should be real easy for Jorge. Most people (but that's not to say all... and we don't know what settings his radiation is being set at) do fine for the first 5-10 days of radiation. So, since Jorge is getting 5 days, other than the inconvenience of having to go in daily, Mon-Fri, he probably won't notice a thing. Meanwhile, that radiation might just be the ticket to shrink the tumour even smaller :)

Now, you mentioned that he starts chemo tomorrow... I forget, did you mention what kind of chemo he is going to be getting? Tell him we are all rooting for him here... and hope that his first day goes just fine! And that he has minimal to no side affects :)


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I was so scared before my resection, but my doctor did a great job. Now I wished I hadn't put all that mileage on myself with worry. Sending you both lots of positive mojo....


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It's good news that the tumor is getting smaller! I'm also having chemo tomorrow, so I'll think of Jorge as I'm also sitting in the chair with the IV in me.
Hoping all will go well for Jorge tomorrow.

Relax- I think it's going to be okay. :)


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You are an amazing caregiver, as everyone has said the news does sound good. Just take one day at a time.


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Five will be manageable - Jorge might be slightly tired but rest will take care of that.

As Gracie said, I would have loved 5 - I did 25x the first time I did it and 30x the second time, so he should be ok.

Hope the tumor shrinks as expected to allow the surgery, it's the key.


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tina dasilva
Posts: 644
Joined: Sep 2010

We would like to thank all of you guys it means a lot to us that all of you guys care so much Hugs Tina

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and I quote from a post above...
"he came into the room and told Jorge that i looked over your file and i have to said things look great and you are a very lucky man".....

never overlook a victory, no matter how small, this is a victory to be happy about. There's already enough for us all to worry about in all of this. Take this quote from the Dr and hold onto it...and celebrate life with it........Love to you both.......Clift

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Your comment gave me goose bumps and smiles Clift. How wonderful for Jorge and Tina.

:) Gail

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