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How long have you ..........

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I started this post "how long have you survived" Sept 2010 for some personal hope and didn't expect the amazing responses that have been posted. It is now six months later and I am in a totally different mind set since then. I have so much hope and excitement in me. I'm no longer scared or worried about the future at all cause tomorrow is my future and I know it exists. I don't post oftens these days but I read every day. I chose to live without fear now and it is because of all of you. Even when the posts are a little discouraging they still bring warmth due to the attention that like minded people give. We all know what we are all going through irrigardless of the severity. I am a 15 month survivor and there was a time I wished it would all end. Not anymore. Bring it on buddy. I'm around for a long time yet. Thank you to the long time survivors for giving us newbies much hope when noone else did. Xxxxx

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Pam M
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It made (and makes) a huge difference for me to see for myself that folks not only can survive, they can live. Thank you, oh wise ones who have gone down the path before me (and some during and after).

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Glenna M
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Happy to read that you are now able to live your life without fear. It takes a lot to get to that point but it shows how strong you are. Hopefully we will all be at that point someday!!

Enjoy your new freedom (from worrying) and hug that adorable little girl for me. She is so cute :)

I'm 17 months post treatment and still going strong!!!

Stay well,

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Yeah, baby!

Take care,


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In the old days they said long live the King, in the new days we say Lone Live the Survivors. I am with you living with out fear as I can’t change tomorrow only today.

Great Post

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I am 10 months post treatment. I agree with all above. I have some down days, but I quickly pick myself up after I think about all the crap I went through and I'm playing golf again, walking 3 miles,working hard and holding my family close when I can. I love life now, maybe more than ever,,,,

all the best, Steve

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