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Suzanne Somers

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Did anybody see Dateline tonight? They had Suzanne Somers on talking about her book and her "expertise" on cancer. Right...If anybody watched, what did you think?


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Ms. Somers had stage 1 breast cancer, which has something like a 87% 10 year survival rate.  The recommended chemo changes that by one to four points (for stage 1, that number goes up with the stage).  In other words, adjuntive chemo would not have any real change on her 10 year survival rate, and the treatment she did receive is the same as my neighbor who had the same diagnosis and just follows her oncologists recommendations.

She is either a first class fraud, or first class stupid, but her story has zero credibility and nothing to do with me.

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Yes, I watched it. What a complete BITC@ to go touting these charlatans just because she's a movie star. I was so PISSED at her, but happy about Dateline was showing her as bullshit.
Crap like she gives, well, you get the idea, ticks me off.
Winter Marie

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and a dangerous cheat!

Enought said!

Hugs, Kathi

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I'm still mad at her for the Thigh-master! My thighs are horrible!!!!

Seriously, I give her close to zero credibility. She's to cancer what Jenny McCarthy is to autism. A lot of mis-information.

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I know you are a master at making "how to" videos..... SOOOOOOO...I think you need to make a video and show us how you used the "Thigh-master" and give US a look at those horrible thighs!!! YOU NUT!!! LOL


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I don't give any credibility to her "expertise" in cancer treatment. She should stick with the thighmaster and leave medicine to the experts.

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Kenny H.
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My same thoughts on that. Im sticking with Chemo, not into the 3 coffee enemas a day as was suggested.

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Can someone tell me the gist of what she said?

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I really hate to be critical of anyone but.....Ms. Somers seems to me to be a royal pain in the butt.

She is self-satisfied, smug and pretentious to be touting her great knowledge of cancer and her extraordinary ability to overcome it.....

sorry....just sayin :)


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1. There is no such thing as whole body cancer
2. It was likely anaphylactic shock (an allergic reaction) combined with a reaction to the corticosteroids in her youth regimen
3. As I understand it, she will not name the hospital or doctors in this incident, probably because her statements do not match the records

Her original (and only) cancer was BC, stage 1, treated with a lumpectomy and radiation.

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This is an article summarizing the interview. There is the video clip on the left hand side to click on and view the interview.


Dharma girl
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I checked her book out at the library, I think it was called Knockout. I started reading it and found it to be, I don’t know, too flowery (?) wired (?). Anyway I only read the first chapter and was done.

I did not see her on Dateline, but I’m sure I didn’t miss much (-;

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I thought cancer made people more open minded. Personally I wouldn't use any of the methods they talked about on the show, but I think it is great that other people do. I applaud Suzanne Somers for getting some of the more unconventional cancer treatment methods out there. Everyone should have all of the treatment options available to them and they should have the right to choose which treatment they want to try. True, her cancer wasn't as serious as mine, but does that make her opinion any less important than mine?

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And selling books. Right now her opinion is MORE important than yours and needs to be held to a higher critical standard.

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it would be different. But, she was quoted long ago with "I will not completely rule out chemotherapy at some point". So, changing horses, so to speak. Again, in of itself, of course people are allowed to change their mind...but the trouble is that after looking at her web site, it looks like the lady is only interested in making money...

BTW, the 'herbs' she is talking about....did you know that many chemotherapy drugs ARE herbs? Taxol, commonly used to treat break cancer, is harvested mainly in The Netherlands from the Taxis bush...a hedge that dairy farmers know not to plant on their land...because cows will eat it and get sick...

So, no, I don't think people here are disputing her right to a different approach to treatment, just the methods and the driving force behind it...and not telling 'the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth', so to speak!

Dutch knuffels, Kathi

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Who's hands would you put your life in? A doctor who has been studying cancer for their career or a former sitcom star/self proclaimed fitness guru/curer of cancer.
True, everyone is entitled to their opinion and to choose which treatment they wish to follow. That's why she is on TV promoting her version of a cure. No one is stopping her.

If I were stage I colon cancer, then had surgery, then bought a cat and after all that I was cured I could say that buying a cat cured me of cancer. I think the cat might "cure" some of the mice that are given cancer while trying to find a cure for it but I would not attribute my getting through cancer to my cat (although I love my puddy-tats)

I would rather follow someone who has been dealing with cancer for a long time over someone who had an easier to cure form of cancer who no longer has cancer due to whatever reason.
It certainly could have been medical intervention that did it.

BTW: Jewells, Care to do an introduction to tell us about yourself? Usually when someone new comes on the board they tell people about their situation and what brings them here. Then again, sometimes it's like a revolving door around here too.

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Would it be four cats for stage IV? Or do we need to think of this exponentially, doubling the number of cats with each stage?

Does breed matter? Is a Maine **** better than a Turkish Angora?

These questions must be answered, lives are at stake and there should be no delays in treatment!


Edit: apparently the Maine Co*n has a derogatory word in its name and CSN censored it. One laugh piled on another. ;-)

Dharma girl
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I'm open to any and all cancer treatments, but as far as I’m concerned Suzanne has a HUGE credibility issue.

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As soon as I heard her say she had "whole body cancer" (??????), she lost a lot of credibility with me. Dx'd with "whole body cancer"? And then she blamed that diagnosis on the doctors. I can't believe that any doctor would ever use that dx. My understanding is that she actually had stage 1 breast cancer that was cured with a lumpectomy.

Though I support rational use of suppliments and other alternative treatments ... once you hear something like that it's difficult to open your mind up to what the person is saying. And since she has $$$ as her motivation that further chips away at her credibility for me. Of course all treatments require $$$ but, she's what I would call on the tour circuit. She's a ding dong in my book when it comes to cancer treatment. Can I say that?

But, I do see benefits in bioidentical hormones when used properly for "female" and "male" hormone issues. It's too bad that she may lose credibility with that because of her "cancer story/recommended treatments".

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or so they say.

unfortunately my reading pile is full and i am getting through it slowly so her story and just cannot compete with more deserving titles. nethertheless,

the irony here is she is getting some mass media publicity about her cancer even while probably chasing $$$, now if she donated all the profits to a reputable cancer charity then i think she would earn some credibility. but the point here is putting a message in the public arena, could her story get a warning message out their. would some young girl who may have been worried about a lump, actually call up the next day and see her doctor and get checked. did the somers story save a few lives.

its sad these media personalities get all this attention, but thats the nature of our tv obsessed societies. i do believe that the public warning component of any of these stories has immense value in the public domain re cancer detection and prevention.

for all our posts and kind words to and for each other, which i obviously value highly. we don't really get messages out about prevention to the nroader community and i know its not our role. we could all chip in say $1000 which i know we cannot afford, say we all raised a million bucks here and put on an add about bowel cancer warning. we could air it around the us, it would play and go, and so few lives would be reached, of course some would, and it would be worth every cent. even for just one early detection. one life spared chemo or one life saved.

so my point is the somers story probably got more airtime than we could raise funds for.
maybe one day some big star might get colorectal and we could have a massive international campaign. while sad for the star, it would be great for public awareness, which is where the greatest need is.

increased public awareness re cancer prevention saves lives, it also preserves exisiting public health resources for exisiting cancer patients.

i always see silver linings, maybe i look too hard and they are an illusion. who knows.


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