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One week down; four to go

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Monday wasn't too bad, little queasy following treatment. Treatment consisted of laying in my custom "cradle", arms over my head and going into a CT type machine for 10 minutes. All together it took about 30 minutes because they do two scans everyday to make sure they are targeting the precise area of intent. Tuesday, treatment same as Monday followed by a visit with Dr. Stevens. During the appointment he informed me that I have small lungs and will probably be looking at closer to 80% loss of lung function in the left lung. He recommended that I consider taking an Amifostine injection everyday prior to treatment. It is actually two injections in the belly because they can only give 1.5CC at a time. Anyway, this drug is supposed to strenghten the good cells and weaken the bad cells. He said it could reduce lung loss by 5 to 10 % "if I can tolerate them". Well, it does not come without its own side effects. Primarily nausea and vomiting. He gave me a prescription for phenergan and said we would start on Wednesday. Pre-medicated with the phenergan and Benedryl prior to appointment. Benedryl was supposed to reduce possibility of allergic reaction to injection. I was so cold sitting in the waiting room I was shivering. I thought it was just cold. Now I think not...I believe it was the Benedryl. I remember that I reacted the same when I was getting chemo and was pre-medicated with Benedryl. Anyway, shots were not too bad, the tech Paul and his nurse Mary were exceptional. Got my treatment, took three warm blankets to stop the shivering. When I cme home I went to bed immediately, I had ridiculous restless feet/leg going on but went to sleep and slept for 5 hours. Felt like crap when I got up, nausea and vomiting, but not too bad. Thursday I decided I would not take the Benedryl and when I got to the room for my shot I did not have to tell them how rough it had been. One look and they knew. Paul called another Dr. as mine was unavailable and he came and talked to me. He decided to change my medicine to Compazine and Zofran, taken together. I got sick before and after the injection/treatment and came home and crashed again. It was BAD! Friday I took the combo, got my injection, radiation treatment, came home and slept. Tiny bit of nausea no vomiting. And I had an appetite. That was also an issue for the first four days.

Saturday I had a conversation with Sears regarding my washer that had been in the process of repair for three weeks and somehow convinced them that this was unacceptable and got a replacement allowance of $925 for a new washer. Off to Sears to shop for a new shiny LG Wave washer in Graphite. My son went with me, that was a treat in itself. Then an unexpected invitation to visit with some of my dearest friends last night at an impromptu gathering was delightful! Today, laundry at my mother-in-laws, as new washer (and dryer) are not coming until next Saturday. Watered some plants, vacumed, bathed the Yorkies and lined up a friend to tile my laundry room before Saturday. An exceptional end to an otherwise yucky week!!! Don't know what to expect in the weeks ahead, I am sure I will feel progressively compromised as I move forward. But for the moment...I am thankful for feeling good and will keep on trucking!!!
Love all of y'all. Hope you have an exceptional week!!!

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It sounds like your first week of treatment was not much fun, but I hope that the different meds will make things easier for you in the coming weeks. It's great to hear that you felt up to going out shopping and spending time with friends over the weekend, so perhaps the worst is over. Please keep us posted and take care, my friend. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


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Hello Joanne, Thank you for updating us, and I hope you will continue to update us. I sure hope the use of the drugs will prevent what ever % of lung loss possible. It sounds like you ended the week on a good note accomplishing the tasks that you did. I like the fact the drs are there to help with the side effects immediately, and are willing to try new drugs to help. I have you in my thoughts and prayers, that this tx will fly by and be over before you know it. Just rest when your body says rest. Lori

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Wow, that was some week! I am glad that you are feeling better and hope it continues as such. Nice that you are getting credit for a new washer! We have LG washer and dryer and love it. Keep us posted. As always am praying for you and sending you positive, warm thoughts. Hugs, Marilyne

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And your "keep on truckin" attitude encourages us all Joanne!!!!
Thinking of you and praying for ya!!!
Keep us updated. We feel better knowing how you are!!!

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Thank you for the update Joanne. You've been in my prayers. Wishing you the best, most of all successful treatment, speedy recovery and great results.

You inspire us all!

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bless you for going out of your house. it seems you have a great attitude which helps so much. i am sorry that you were so sick. hugs and hugs sephie

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Wishing you the best

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Hope treatment is a little better for you now! Keep the spirits up. You are doing great. All our love

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