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Boki Update:)

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I have just seen the breast surgeon last Tuesday. She appeared to be pretty confident that everything is OK with my calcifications and the way they are spread, but to be sure, ordered MRI and stereotactic biopsy.

In the mean time, I have found a lump on my left breast and DR told me it is just a fibrocystic tissue. Any experience with this condition? My biopsy is on March 7th, still waiting on MRI date....having issues with my insurance:(
Also, any experience with MRI and stereotactic biopsy would be highly appreciate. What should I prepare for the exams, if anything.....

Thank you so much my ladies.

For those who haven't read my first post here it is:

"Aloha to all,

about 7 months ago I had my first mammogram. I am 36 yrs old. They told me everything was OK and I could go home just to call me next day to tell me to come back to the clinic to have a second mammogram.

When I returned, they did mammogram twice and an ultrasound. The results were a cyst on my left breast and micro calcifications on my right side. Dr told me that she recommended 6 months wait and see if micro-calcifications disappear (which she said she was suspicious it would happen), and then do another mammogram and biopsy if calcifications still there..

I went 7 months later, which was last week, and did mammogram. The technician told me microcalc were still there and send me to waiting room. Then she called me in a hallway behind the corner and told me the microcalcifications were still there but no changes. Then she said, they are probably benign, but sometimes they could be cancerous but I am good to go and come back in 6 months for another mammogram and that my insurance will cover it in spite me being 36.

I asked to see a doctor as I had may questions, but she said they were all busy.

I was really upset and I told them at the front desk to send my results to my family dr and I called him. He said not to worry, as soon as he has results, he will call me and then he will send me to some another breast dr.

Two days later they called from my GYN dr's office and told me that my results came in and that microcalcifications are there but they are "normal" and that I have an appointment scheduled for March 1st with High risk breast specialist?!

So I was confused and asked why do I need to see a specialist if everything is OK? She said that those (calc) sometimes could be cancerous so Dr wants to be sure.

Five minutes later my family practitioner called to tell me that he has received my tests results and that I have two areas on my right breast spread with microcalcifications and that it makes it hard to see well because my breast tissue is tick and fibrous; therefore, he recommended biopsy but didn't know how they are going to do it since I have "sprinkles like" calcifications. He recommend waiting and not to be worried and not to read anything about it.

To be honest, I feel petrified as I have three small children, just started my first year of masters degree and I have no family support where I leave now. I guess I just needed the place, like this discussion board, where I can express my concerns and vent without being judged.

Please tell me if I am overreacting or not? I feel that I have right to know what is going on with m,y body and this suspense and uncertainty is destroying me. I can't concentrate or do anything. I am crying all the time and it is miserable....

Thank you so much for reading and I apologize in advance for my grammar / spelling mistakes as I am very upset now...

What do you think, should I request second opinion or should I just go with the flow. I am so new in this and really do not know what to do. I feel like I want to quit my school and just spent time with my children...

Thank you one more time,


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Yes, I remembered your 1st post. I feel that it's always best to check and re-check, getting a 2nd opinion and maybe even a 3rd if you need to. I've had friends who have had calcification and they have remained the same. I have also had friends that it had progressed. It's different for everybody.

You sound like you're on the right track in making sure they check you well. There is no prepping for an MRI that I can recall. Not sure about the biopsy as I had a cone biopsy.

I know how scary this all is. We all send prayers and positive thoughts that all will turn out fine.

Please keep us posted.



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On the one hand, your doctors seem to be good at staying in touch with you. That's more than one can say about a lot of doctors. On the other hand, they are giving you waaaaay too many mixed signals, and that's bad. I strongly encourage you to get a second opinion, from a National Cancer Institute research hospital if that is workable. If not, ask for a doctor who knows what his/her opinion is and isn't afraid to state it clearly.


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