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Thyroid Cancer and Hashimotos

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This board is not where I spend my time, so I apologize if this information is common knowledge here. I just learned that EVERYONE who has thyroid cancer has Hashimoto's. There is a very comprehensive book out there about this condition and how to address the autoimmunity instead of just treating the symptoms with thyroid hormone.

"Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms if My Lab Results are Normal?"
And no, I am not the author, so have no vested interest in book sales.

This book contains a huge amount of important information for Hashimoto's sufferers, including the facts that you should not have any iodine, at all, and you should not eat any gluten, at all.

I hope this information is helpful.
Blessings to you all.

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These are two issues I have tried to research in dealing with Hurthle Cell Carcinoma, Stage 3. My research indicated that thyroid nodules or cancer have an underlying autoimmune disease at their core. I have other issues that would indicate gluten intolerance as well, so thank you for this information, I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

Blessings to you also,

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Hi Tethys41
I just want to say that your info is not correct. I have had thyroid cancer three times and NEVER have had Hashimotos. I understand that you have just read this book which states that this is fact. Well, not all books are based on true medical facts. So, for me, this is a very untrue statement to make. My guess is that there are many others who have had thyroid cancer and have never had hashimotos. It is true that SOME people with hashimotos go on to develope thyroid caner in their lifetime, but not everyone. Just wanted to share my side of this with you.

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I agree with Forme. I have had Thyroid cancer three times and never had Hashimoto's. I also disagree with the no iodine theory. There are many parts of the body that need iodine to stay healthy. As long as your Thyroid has been radiated you should have iodine to keep other body parts supplied with the iodine it needs to thrive and not develop other cancers. I also read the same reports that people with Hashimoto's MAY develop cancer later on. These statements are also backed by my Oncologist.

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