Need advice for mom

My mother was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer 3 months ago. It has been so terrifying and uncertain day to day. I would love to hear from survivors and things I can do to help my mother with this. Any advice is so appreciated.

Thank you


  • Lilllly
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    I feel your pain.
    I feel your pain. My father had Stage 4 stomach cancer. He survived until almost 3 years after diagnosis. Cancer is a roller coaster, and stomach cancer is particularly cruel. The life adjustments are large and seem so demanding, as things can change like the wind. Try and stay positive, be grateful and try and see small blessings within the difficult road. I'm not sure what kind of treatment plan your mother is on, but I would suggest to pay attention to the "trial and error" of what foods feel good and which do not. Try and research types of homemade soups to maximize nutrition and vitamins, and look into supplements such as Boost to see if they are right for your mother.

    I'll say a prayer for her, for I know how difficult it is to watch a parent go through it. Remind her that this is not just her fight but that you are a "team". I found that helped, treating things as as a team and family. Have nice talks, have nice moments of silence. Go with what you know is needed, and be sure to try and care for yourself as best as possible in between.

    Peace and hope to you both.