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Spiritual. Warning! hopefully, not too religious!

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Nana b
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I saw a spiritual healer today, and didn't know quite what to expect. There was 10 of us. I saw many walk away, pain free from what they have suffered from for months and years

He went through a ritual of prayer as he moved his hands above me and around me. I felt really light headed after he was done. And, yes, my shoulder pain was/is gone. My feet feel a lot better too.

On to cancer: He was hesitant to tell me that I was cancer free. He didn't see that. I straight out asked him, if my cancer has returned and he said, that he saw me having chemo again. He said he would pray for healing and a cleansing of my blood and cells. He would pray for my person just in case someone was doing me wrong He also said, that I had a strong energy and was very helpful to others who could not, or would not open up. He told me to believe, as he felt that I was not at ease. He repeated, "believe, this is for real."

He asked me how many pregnancies I had. I told him two, and he said, are you sure? I see that your body conceived three kids. I then preceded to tell him that I went to a Medium 10 years ago, and she told ne the same thing. He thought that I probably had a miscarriage in my first trimester and didn't realize it.

Lastly, my sister went in after me and when she was done, she told me, "he wants to see you again.". I went in and he told me, "my friends asked that I bring you back in and give you a key to a job opportunity, a key to spirituality to help others and open their hearts, and finally a key to financial freedom. I am not to be afraid as spirits walk around to make things happen, that I will dream vividly, that I am not to be afraid. If I am afraid, I am to call him and he will help me. He handed me an empty envelope that contained the keys; he told me to keep them close to my person.

And I left. I was the only person he called back and the only person he and his spitual friends gave the keys to.

Wow, just wow! I felt good coming out of there! I am going to start mediatating, I do believe that we have some control over our destiny. We need to get in touch with our mind and body. We need to believe....what you want to believe in.

Excuse any typos this iPad is really sensitive.

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I went to a "shaman" of sorts once a while ago. It was not too long before my cancer. He didn't pick that up at all. I thought he could have given me a heads up or something. That doesn't necessarily mean there isn't something to some of that. I think that some people have more insight than others do.

I believe that WE have control over our destiny, not some unseen thing. I also believe it's good to meditate. I used to but haven't done that in years. Something for me to think about again...
(I should meditate on it!)
Interesting post Nana
PS-I didn't see this post to be religious at all, spiritual and meditative yes but religious...no

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One day, just out of the blue I decided to look and see if there were any Shaman in my area. I think I had seen something on tv about them and I did see one many years ago. So I googled shaman in my area and boom, one lives about 5 blocks from me. Pretty odd I thought. I have gone back and forth with whether I want to go for an anppointment or not, for some reason I am holding back. Actually this shaman lives in an apartment building I used to live in about 25 years ago, another strange coinkidink. lol.

Anywho I still have his name and I think I might take a chance and go see him. I used to meditate and it was very helpful but I had an out of body experience once that scared the living heck out of me so I stopped - that was like 30 years ago, tried meditating again a few years ago and it really does calm a person but I sure don't want to do that out of body again and it just happened that one time but sure left a mark. Many people never have that happen during meditation so don't worry about it happening to you, just wanted to pass along my experience. Meditation is great for relaxing most say.

Your shaman wouldn't have an extra key for financial stability would he? lol. Just wondering.

Interesting post Nana, thanks.


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Nana b
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I don't think that this guy was like a Medium, who could read you, but a spiritual healer, you take him your problems, and he prays for you and cleanses you. I don't know much about either and could be wrong, but do think that I will focus a bit on this, I do love to read and learn new things. I open to to many things, and I don't scare easy. He did say, I was a very strong individual, with a lot of energy that he could feel, and that alone has helped me in life. Before he even touched me, he told me that my body temperature was always very high and that I drank a lot of water to cool myself down. That is so true! I'm like a walking heater, and my husband lays close by in the winter, but come summer, he's like hugging the edge of the bed! lol

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