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Email from Susie.... Kerry's Wife

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Hey All........I have copied an email I received from Kerry's wife Susie. I know they won't mind if I share it. Have a good day!


I suppose you have heard from Brooks and read Kerry’s post. He is really having a hard time of it but I know that MY Kerry is still in there. He is now in rehab and getting stronger. After 2-3 weeks he’ll hopefully come home and then get whole brain radiation. A cute gal at rehab asked him today if he was ready for a shower and shave and he asked her if she’d take one with him!! I am going back and forth from trying to keep everything running smoothly. Our son Dan brought his I pad again today and read the posts but was too tired to post anything. He said to tell you all that how much he appreciates your concern and prayers. I’ll try to communicate as much as I can.

Susie/Scary Old Woman

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It is really great to get an update. It sounds like Kerry's cheekiness wasn't removed in the surgery! Wishing all good things for Kerry. Thanks Susie + Jennie!

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Thank you, Jennie

Just a side: But you can see now why I talked to you about the "Crazy Colon Train" when we first started together, and what my fears were about that - I know you get that now....and that's why.

I've been worried about Kerry as I realize that this is a tough situation to be in when it involves the brain. It scares all of us. He's approached it head-on and with vigor, but I'm gathering that's just his modus operandi:)

The fact that Kerry can still try and "pick up the nurses" is a great sign - he is still "there" as his wife, Susie, can certainly attest - afterall who knows him best? :)

Susie, I can't call you "scary", just not nice of me to do. Tell your "ol' coot" though to keep on being Kerry and we look forward to another update from you. Until then, the best to the both of you.


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recovery! I understand my be painfully right now but I'm sure we will see our Kerry in excellent shape! wish you the best from Barcelona!
And thank you so much for keeping us informed!.

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Thanks for sharing the email.

Susie and Kerry - This whole brain tumor stuff has to be so scary ... and not the scary ol woman kinda scary either. I want you both to know that I am sending good vibes and saying extra prayers that Kerry's recovery is speedy and uneventful.

Kerry ... get it together will ya??? How are we suppose to run away if you're stuck in the hospital? Does this mean that you can't use the brain tumor card anymore? hmmmmmmmmmm

HUGS to you both!

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Thanks for posting. Kerry if you have this read to you please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Now stop trying to pick up the pretty nurses, you have the most beautiful nurse in the world right by your side but I think you already know that.

Hugs - Tina

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Hi Susie and Kerry,
It is good to hear that Kerry is in his rascally spirit! Kerry you are awesome. I know that gals at the rehab place must love you. We are all here pulling for you and hoping you are home soon.

With aloha,

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and Mrs Susie and Kerry.....please let us know if there is anything that needs doing around the house...I can split wood and yeah he can boss me around...I'll listen about as much as you do Im sure...but tell him when it starts to get wood splitting weather Im coming down to visit and do a little story swappin'.........Tell him we look for him to recover and do quite well with all of this...We keep you both in our thoughts and prayers at all times...Tell the sons, daughters, son in laws , daughter in laws, who ever has helped in your venture that they as well are in our thoughts and prayers and that good things will happen for them.............Love to you all..........buzz

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Susie...I'm very new to this board but Kerry has been on my mind thru the last couple of weeks. I don't know him but have kept him in my thoughts and prayers. I wish him the best in his recovery and look forward to the 'back and forth' that I enjoy reading. Take care and know that there are many that are wishing him a speedy and successful recovery!

My best,


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Thank you for e-mailing Jenny. We are all concerned for you and Kerry. Please tell Kerry to keep up his fine attitude and we'll be waiting for him when he gets back here.

Best wishes for a full recovery. As Kerry always says "It takes attitude, attitude!"


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that Kerry is doing better!
Kerry - you have been in my prayers and sending you good vibes for a quick recovery.

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You ol' coot, had me all worried!!! Glad you are up and showering and flirting.
I think about you every day, every day.
Love ya, and you tell that scary ol' woman we love her too!!!
Take care my friend, take your time recovering, we're with you every step of the way in spirit, you've got a lot of hand holding from us constantly headed your way.
Love you,
Winter Marie

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Hi Susie,

Thanks for updating us on Kerry. I'm glad to hear that he's hanging in there and getting stronger. I'm sure it's hard & I'll be thinking of him.
Please do keep us updated when you can.


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Kerry is recovering, I know it's not easy. Stay strong


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Thanks, Jennie. I really appreciate you posting this.

Susie, you husband is one of a kind, but I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you that! Praying for him to be just as feisty as ever soon. Please make sure you take care of yourself, too.


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