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Alternative therapy and delayed surgery

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Hello all.

My father with ahistory of scc of the left cheek has failed chemoradiation. The pet scan revealed the cancer in upper and lower jaw. There wwas A spot on the pet scan that showed some activity behind the nose however he is not sure and scheduled a biopsy.

Father is worried his surgery is getting delayed now and is scared of metastasis. Has anyone experienced this?

Also, how about alternative therapy. I have heard sime things about urine therapy. Has anyone tried any alternative therapy?

Thank you

God bless everyone :)

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Yes I do Alternative Treatment; the problem is you can’t mix the two together. I suggest wait and see what the doctor’s say first as you don’t want to do anything that will hinder his treatment when they do start.

I will keep your Dad in prayer

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Thanks hondo. I appreciate all your posts. They are very helpful.

If you dont mind can you share tge type of alternative treatments you have tried. I am looking at alkaline water and some ayurvedic options such as wheat water

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Any kind of alternative therapy should be passed through the doctor first, else it might upset what he is trying to do.

If dad is giving up on traditional western therapies, that is one thing, but if he wants to try to live he should not cavalierly abandon all that has, frankly, helped him get this far, even if he doesn't realize how it has done so.

A delay in surgery is not likely to lead to metastasis. Cancer is not so fast as people seem to think it is, in general, and often doctors will wait for any number of reasons, not the least of which are to assess the patient's health and to assess the true status of the cancer.

I'm not a doctor, but it's happened to me.

Metastasis, if it occurs, is typically the result of continuing poor behavior, environment, or the product of genetics, which cannot be avoided, as far as I know (the latter). If you look back on this particular board far enough, you will see Ratface's commentary re cancer fields and it is worth a look, for sure. Or you can google it. Interesting there, too.

In the meantime, I would advise that you either trust the doctors or find new doctors that you do trust. If dad is happy with them (and he may very well not be) stick with them. Otherwise, find ones that he trusts.

I wish your dad the best, along with his family. He is lucky to have a caring son or daughter such as yourself looking after him. Please be sure not to overdo it, but continue to seek and to question on his behalf.

Take care,


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