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You are all so wonderful.........XOXOXOXO

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You all have been so helpful I just think you all are the best. I have a few things to ask what is a rad. Also did anyone have the chest pain block.It has been 2 1/2 weeks sense my surgery, and I still have funny little pains at the injection sights along my spine kinda weird feeling.I had my surgery done at the VA and they use Standford students so I was wondering if anyone else had this done or if it was a trial they were doing. it was suppose to stop all pain for at least the first 10 hours but it didn't help the area where they took put one limp-node.....

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This is a great place. I have gotten so much help from here. I did not find it till a month or so after my surgery but everyone is great! A rad is a radiation treatment just an easier way to say it I guess! I did not have the pain block so sorry I cannot help with that. A couple other abbreviations dx-diagnosis tx-treatment. There are more but I am having a chemo brain moment and blanking out. Someone will help with others though :) God Bless
(((Hugs))) Janice

Love your dogs I have a yorkie too!

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Hi Elizabeth! I have never had a chest block, so, I can't help either. Rad has already been explained, and, if you have any other questions, just ask!

Love your pic too!

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I had a chest block with my double mastectomy back in November and I think it did help with the pain because I could tell as it wore off in a few days. I did have a lot of pain with the double mastectomy so I was glad I had it. It isn't a trial but not all hospitals use it. The facility where I go actually has two hospitals and only one has the ability to do a chest block --I never did figure out why unless it it has to do with the anathesiologist's training. I think it deadens the chest muscles but not up in the underarm area where they took my lymph nodes. I never had any pain at the injection sites so I think you should ask your doctor about that when you see them. Hope you are doing well now that surgery is over, take your time and let your body heal.

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Am I reading right - you're a Veteran too? I was Army. Hubby is retired Navy.

So far there is very little of my Cancer care that has actually been done at Ft. Meade, SD - out sourced to the local civilian facilities in Rapid City. So far the only things I've actually had done at VA have been seeing my PA (I've had her for years), Neulasta shots, port flushes, some bloodwork, 1 bone scan, colonoscopy (nasty), the Lymphedmologist, eye Dr. All my Chemos, surgeries (port and mast.), Rads and all scans/tests except one were non-Va facilities.

sorry for rambling - I've had no spine injections so can't give you any input.


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Hello and welcome!

I did not have the pain block, so I really don't know about that. I am pretty sure that if it had been a trial of some sort, they would have made you aware of that. And I agree, the pain is something that you should bring up to your doc.

I basically just wanted to welcome you to the board!


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I just wanted to chime in & say that I'm very glad you're finding information and support here with us :)
I have not had the chest pain block, but you're still fairly early after your surgery, so weird little pains can probably be expected for a while. I'm alsmot 7 months post-surgery (i had a bilateral mastectomy) and I still get weird little pangs every now & then.
Wishing you all the best ElizabethB!

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