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Report on the ickiness and question about my pathology report (I know, give it a REST!)

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Well, I'm crawling back to feeling human. Tuesday night was one of the worst nights I've ever had. Vomiting, diarrhea, PAIN out the roof. When I went to my doctor on Wed. morning, he was concerned I might have an obstruction, because I've had several since my resection. He sent me to the ER, so they could do x-rays and give me IV fluids. Also got pain and nausea meds. Luckily there was no blockage. It's the stomach flu virus. Because of the pain and complications I've had since my colon resection, along with my IBS, my system kicks into hyperdrive. I was out of my head with the pain, and I was seriously worried.

They gave me the option of being admitted or coming home and being on a liquid diet. Gave me an anti-nausea med to put under my tongue, as well. Of course I opted for home, not the "Big House." Able to consume soup and crackers and toast. Loving banana pops. Hey, at least I've lost weight!

Still can't sleep, so I'm getting stupid and looking up stuff. Pulled out my pathology report and perused that again. Found a notation that says, "vascular/lymphatic invasion suspicious." They only took 10 lymph nodes and all were clear. Now I'm wondering why nobody told me about that suspicious part. I think I need to feel better and get some fresh air!


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a human been ! Hahahaha! .

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dont tell you, lol I found out I had a tumour on my appendix as well as colon. Anyway you, stop looking at stuff, rest and be pampered.


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