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Kidney Issues after radiation

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I wanted to ask has anyone with Colorectal CA had any probelms with their bladder, kidneys and/or urteras(sp). I found out last year when they did a renal study, that my right kidney was not draining. So they put a stint in the urtera(sp). I was going back every 3 months to have it replaced. Then while being in the hospital in Dec 2010/Jan 2011, I started to have probelms with my left kidney. So know I have a stint in the left side I have been told by several drs this is from the radiation. The kidney dr isnt quite sure of what to do. He is thinking about a metal stint on the right side and taking out the stint on the left, not replacing it. Or do some procedure where I could be "wearing" a bag. Not to thrilled regarding the "bag". So willl be doing some researching on the web so I can be educated. Plus since having these stints in placed, I have been told I have a UTI, its been non stop "UTIs". So I have been on different antibodics(sp). When that happens there are times I end up with C diff, which isnt fun either.

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The bag procedure is known as a UROSTOMY. I met a guy in the hospital one time who was having this done.

I'm still functioning but don't know what percentages. I've had radiation to the rectal area and it was external, so many organs were "touched" inside to say the least by beams bouncing off bones and hitting other organs and such.

It's hard to know how much collateral damage can occur from radiation since we can't see inside our bodies, but I would not doubt it for a second. And chemo plays a big part in the renal system as well. I've read studies of damage done and don't doubt that there has been come collateral damage done to my insides there as well.

You've taken a real beating that's for sure, I'm sorry for all of your troubles.

Definitely gather your opinions about the procedure and what can be done with your existing plumbing - once you confer with your doctor and perhaps a kidney specialist as well, you'll probably be able to make the better decision for yourself as to which route to take.

Wish I had an easy answer for you, there are just no easy routes it seems when our bodies take the kind of pounding that we have to endure to survive. It's just heartbreaking.

It's nice to meet you - and do post back on what you find out. You'll probably be educating a whole roomful of people:)


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Hi Craig,

It nice to be on this site. I plan on logging on more often. The dr I will see next month is a "kidney" dr. I am researching to see if there is something "natural" I can take.

I feel things happen for a reason, I really cant control anything. Its nice to know that I am not the only one that is experienceing issues.

Sometimes I think its be rough because of military drs. When I first was told about having colorectal CA, which was Jan 2009, they waited a month before they did the surgery.

With everything else I have a herial(sp) hernia. The GI dr say its not that bad.

Take Care Craig, will keep you posted


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I can't tell you much, I did have a tumor attached to my ureter, therefore had to have a stent in place but fortunately for a mere six weeks and it wasn't the metal one. As much as I felt that plastic stent, I can't imagine having a metal one.
However, to find out about stents and kidney problems I actually ended up on a site for people with gall bladder problems. There doesn't seem to be a lot of information on the ureter area for some reason.
Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.
Winter Marie

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