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deciding on a port

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I've presently been receiving chemo treatment through IVs. The nurse today recommended I get a port. The only thing is I have to get a mammography on my breast that's still intact, my real breast, which is my left breast. Will the port on the chest interfere with the mammography?

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Hmm, good question! I don't think it would because it's placed just below your collar bone. At least mine was, I think just below the collar bone is what's considered the ideal spot as far as I can tell.

Come to thinnk of it, I've had mammograms and I've had a port just not both at the same time! =) But, no a port shouldn't interfere in the least with a mammogram.

illustration here: http://www.breastcancer.org/illustrations/i0047.html

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No, the port wont be a problem with a mamogram. The tech just has to be careful. I had 2 mamograms with a port and it was fine. I hate needles so the port made chemo a lot easier.

Good luck

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Good question! I didn't take chemo, so, no port. But, it looks like the pink sisters have answered your question.

Good luck!

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Had no problem when having mammogram with port in.

As far as I'm concerned - a port is the only way to go with Chemo. My port's been in since Aug 25, 09 and it's staying in for the foreseeable futurre. Just have to have it flushed every 4 weeks.


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I just had a mamo on the side of my port....no problem. The tech was aware of the port and did not put as much pressure on. As for chemo...the port is the best way...eliminates the needles. I have a power port so in addition to infusion and blood tests, it can be used for for injection during PETscans and CTscans. I hope to have my removed later this spring, assuming all my tests are okay now. It is a great tool, but I will be happy to have it removed also :-)

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