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Photo Dynamic Therapy for Bronchial Tube Cancer L4

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Hi everyone, I have a problem in that I have cancer in my bronchial tube and at L4. I also have a spot in my right lung, upper lobe. I had the cancer in the tube debrided as it was occluding my entire tube. Now I am scheduled to have Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) to kill as much left over cancer cells as possible. The problem I see is the hyper-photo sensitivity from three weeks to two months after the procedure. I am very light and I don't know how sensitive the chemical makes the body sensitive to light and what light. I also don't know how to keep my entire skin protected. Is there anyone out there that has had this procedure and can give me some idea as to what I have to look forward to as to keeping my entire body safe from bright lights and sun. Any and all suggestions are gratefully accepted. Thanks!

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