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Marley Dog Finally Laid to Rest

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Jan Trinks
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Hi all:

Basketcase here! I know you all have been waiting with baited breath to finally hear that Marley Dog (nephew who came home to Chatt. from Ohio to bury his dog and remember this dog passed on on Christmas Day and has been in the freezer till yesterday!) Well, my nephew finally picked him up and laid him to rest. However, slight problem with digging the hole for Marley as nephew did not remember where they had buried the cat that passed on several years ago and accidentally dug up the cat in the process of digging Marley's final resting place! But alas, took care of that oversight and Marley Dog is now laid to rest finally!

Must now tell you a feel good story and guardian angel. Yesterday Sammy (the dachshund) and I went to walk in the park as it was so nice outside and we try to do that 3/week. Well, when we're walking I always have my cell phone with me in my pocket, keys, glove, plastic bag for cleanup. Well, the jeans I had on had short pockets on them but I figured the cell phone would stay in there. We walk about 1 1/2 to 2 miles each time and it takes about an hour. We hadn't gotten started real good when Sammy decided to stop and poo poo (which is what Charlie called him a lot the poo poo dog!) So I cleaned up after him and we went on our merry way. He wears a visor when it's real sunny and he had it on yesterday and this girl about half way through our walk wanted to take his picture; so she did and then we finished up. When we got to the car and I picked him up to put him in his car seat I realized my cell phone was not in my pocket. So I got him settled and locked in and took off looking for it asking everybody I saw if they had seen it. Two girls had me give them the number so they could call it while they were walking and look for it. Now this phone has several pictures in it; one of which is the last picture I took of Charlie about a month before we knew his cancer had returned and I pretty much keep that picture on it all the time. Well, I was truly a basketcase thinking somebody had picked it up and was having a big time with it; and those pictures wouldn't mean a thing to them. I knew I could call AT&T and take care of any fraudulent calls, etc. but that wasn't the point; the pictures were the point! I must have walked our route 3 more times and by this time I was in tears; just boo-hooing; one lady I talked to and told her about Charlie and the picture while I was crying said, "Oh, let me give you a hug and I'll be praying you find it." The first two who were looking for me told me when I left to call and let them know (by this time they had called my phone several times)if and when I found it. I was praying that if some dishonest person found it they'd get caught and if some honest person found it that they'd be able to get it back to me! So I left and came home still just in tears and a total basketcase. But, when I opened my storm door to go into ther house there was my phone between the two doors! There was a message on my home phone from a guy that had found my phone and to please call him and let him know how he could get it back to me. So I called him and thanked him profusely and asked him how he found out where to bring it back and he said he went to my call list and called the first person on the list who happens to be the fellow that has cut our grass for the past two summers and has just been so good to check on me and he works with my next door neighbor. I told him how glad I was and how thankful and appreciative I was and he said, "Well, I know if I lost my phone; it would be a disaster! So I thanked the good Lord profusely too. I am now convinced more than ever that Charlie has become my guardian angel as he knew and gave me a hard time about just laying things down and losing them all the time! Needless to say I was a happy camper and went out today and got the adapter for the card from my phone so I could put them on my computer! Hope all had a happy Valentine's Day. I will be leaving on Tues. for NC for Charlie's brother to do my taxes and be there for my father-in-laws 87th birthday on Thursday and then on Friday the 25th leave there and meet my best friend, her husband and another close friend in Gatlinburg for a week at the close friends time share condo. My best friend's husband is going along to cook for us! What a brave man; pray for him as he'll be with three women and the only man! Take care. Love y'all and will report in when I return.

Jan (Basketcase)

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So happy that you found your phone.- Judy

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Glad to hear you are doing well, next time let the dog carry the cell phone, lol

All the best to you and my God continue to be with you

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Hi Jan, glad all is going normal for you, LOL.....

I swear, you get more done than most of us here, you are just a traveling woman.

Thoughts and Prayers,

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It is alway's great to hear from you & I am glad all is well! I would need roller skates in order too keep up with you lol! Great that you found your cell phone. Mine get's lost in my handbag all of the time. Keep on trucking my friend!
God Bless

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