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New Caregiver Here

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My husband was just diagnoised Jan 25th with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. He had his first Chemo treatment on Tuesday. Does anyone have any ideas of anything he can do to deal with all the coughing? He isnt getting much sleep at all from this. Any info would be great. I cant get back to anyone quickly so be dont think I am ignoring anyone.

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I am new to this lung thing, but Mucinex seems to help a little.

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I used a cough supressant (Robitussin equal) and it help considerably. After my first treatment, my cough has gone for the most part. Also, talk to you husband's oncology nurse. With their experience, they may offer up some good alternatives. Best wishes as you both head down this treatment journey!


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cb girl
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Found that my husband's cough improved as he went through his chemo treatments. He used a prescription suppressant in the very beginning, but quit taking it after he started his chemo. He did 6 cycles and has now had surgery on the right lobe-so he's coughing again because his lung/bronchus is irritated from the surgery-just when he felt better after not coughing for so long :-) Take care of yourself, too it is a long journey we are on, we started april 2010.

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My wife used tessalon and promethizine with codeine.... and a little vicadin. As withothers, her chemo has reduced the tumor and lynph nodes and she no longer uses them much.... she uses ambien and or trazedone to help her sleep... but for the cough, the promethazine with codeine worked the best for her.... but only take it before sleeping. The tessalon she is able to take anytime.

... and as difficult as it is, exercise... tht has made the biggest difference.

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