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Another spot on lung

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Hello everyone-
Hopefully you can give me some encouragement or you have had the same experience.
My mother was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in Feb. 2010. She took chemo and radiation and responded really well to both.
We had a PET scan and CT scan on her brain in Nov. and everything was great. She had finished her treatments at the beginning of July. We were very confident that she would have great results from the scans she received yesterday. Unfortunatedly that didn't happen. The doctor said that he sees a spot on the same lung that is less than an inch and wants to biopsy on Tuesday of next week. He said that he has a gut feeling that the spot is cancer. Has anyone else had this experience? Anything that you could tell me would really be appreciated. I have followed the lung cancer discussions for quite some time on here and feel like you guys are already friends.

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Charlie Butler
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I myself am too new to all of this to any information but I do offer my support and prayers.

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Thank you for responding Charlie.
I am sorry that we both have to be here on this blog but there are alot of wonderful people here from what I can see. Are you the one that has been diagnosed or is it a loved one? My mom has small cell lung cancer. Prayers going your way.

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well my tumor went down about 50% after treatment to about 1"x1.5" x 1", it was the size of a baseball originally.

But the latest scoop is that the Onc said tumor is likely to try to grow back and we will attack it as we see it move via the 3 mo. maintenance CT scans. My cancer also may simply do nothing for years.Good news is my lymphnodes are now clear as we speak!

The Onc also added that they have seen EVERY COMBINATION of EVENTS with repsect to cancer that they really do not know, it is very unpredictable.

The motto we must follow is thet "IT IS WHAT IT IS".


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Thank you Dave for responding. :)
The doctor also told us that small cell lung cancer can do some pretty crazy things. Hopefully they can treat it and my mother can live her life as normally as possible. I am so glad that your doctor has gotten yours under control. To say that I hate this cancer is such an understatement.
He did tell us that if it is the cancer that is back then he cannot treat it with the same combination of drugs that he did the first time because it has only been 5 months since the first treatment she received. He said he can try another type of chemo and clinical trials. I had such high hopes that she would go for 4 or 5 years without this coming back. I was so shocked that I was speechless when he said there was something on the PET scan. I completely broke down. My mother actually took the news better than I did; so, I guess she is following your motto of "it is what it is".
Lots of prayers and good thoughts going your way Dave.

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