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PET and bone scans

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OK, I have my PET scheduled for noon on Monday and my bone scan scheduled for 2PM on Wednesday. Best to get it all over with, right?

I had a minor meltdown and boohooed myself home from my infusion (but was fine all during the infusion, thank goodness). Now will get my stiff upper lip back on and go out and walk my dogs.

My pets always make me feel better. Cindy Lou is a medium white dachshund/poodle/terrier mix we found at the shelter. She has a great sense of humor and frequently makes me laugh aloud. Cindy Lou "found" (bark, bark, bark) Maggie (a lab/golden retiever mix) under a neighbor's bush--Maggie had been run over and had tire tread on her chest. We took her to the vet and a shot of NSAIDS and a night at the vet and she was fine (broken ribs only).

We have had them 6-7 years and they are both sweethearts. Just saying walk cheers them up immensely--I need to be more like them ;-)

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Posts: 4014
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P.S. The photo is of my psychiatrist Seattle sister (brown sweater) and me from Christmas taken at the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans. We had a great time catching up and shopping the French Quarter.

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Megan M
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My cat always makes me feel better too! Pets give us unconditional love! Great pic!

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you never stay down, you always bounce back! And it is a real
pleasure to have your company here on the board. You are allowed
to have a meltdown here and there, it's only human.

I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. And hoping
to hear your good news.

What a lucky pooch! I love animals.. and am now up to 5 cats,
which I think I will keep. They are the more traumatized ones
and it took me over a year to gain their trust. I adopted out
many. These poor creatures have stories that would just break
your heart. And they have no voice to tell you.

I am always delighted to meet people who love animals and
honestly I think I built a distrust towards people who don't like animals.


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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I'd love to take that walk with you and your dogs! (We've got rain, wind, and thunder right now.) Animals are so good at providing unconditional love and support, and they do know when you're feeling down.

I'm sending some peaceful vibes your way.



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Kristin N
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Good luck Cynthia with your tests!

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Especially waiting for those tests and the results. I have a 2-year-old Vizsla (Hungarian Pointer) named Jake. True to his breed, he is full of energy. But I have to tell you, during my chemo and rads, he was my chemo buddy. Every day when I needed a nap on the sofa, guess who was happy to cuddle up on the sofa with me! It was so soothing and really calmed me.

Sending my most positive energy your way to sail through the testing and get the best results.

Hugs, Renee

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Most of the time after my 2 surgeries and chemo my meltdowns were seen by no one but my Golden Retriever, Mulan. She was there every step of the way. She didn't care about my bald head or watery eyes. She sat there placidly while I vomited and was there when I had to run to the bathroom for problems from the other end. Mulan took a nap with me every day. Had we not been sleeping together I would not have seen that she had 2 seizures within 12 hours. We found out the next day that she has epilepsy. We each have a pill box that sits on the kitchen table. In fact, due to chemo brain on my part I even took 1 of her phenobarbitol pills by accident!

There is so much in this awful disease and its treatment that can make us depressed or have a meltdown. It is a lot to deal with. I am with you in being forever grateful for my best girl, Mulan.

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No matter the day, they're always there...tail wagging or purring.

I wish I was there to give you a hug. With all the meltdowns we've all experienced, someone needs to invent big pillow arms you can just nestle in...LOL!

Prayers and positive thoughts surround you.


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CC you deserve to have a meltdown, you are a source of strength, and sometimes you need to lean on us. You support all those lovely babies and families and make the blankets. But you cant be strong all the time. We will be there with you and waiting to hear how it wnet and the results. Praying really hard for good results. and that those markers dont mean anything.Lots of hugs and more.
Oh yes, I have a golden, he is so sweet. I am his favorite , and his brown eyes are so sympathetic. I tell him many things. and he gives the best hugs. When I was sick from chemo, and basically bedridden, he would lay next to me on the floor, every once in while get up to check me and lay down again. He just knew .... I love animals (sometimes better than people)

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Megan M
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Crossing fingers and toes for you!

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Nothing like a pooch or 2 to keep the spirits up. I had a dachsund named Mandy and she is now in doggy heaven but I still get happy feelings when I think about her.

I'm praying and hoping all goes well with your scan. Hugs

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good luck with your tests.....I will be there in spirit wishing you well. Positive thoughts and hugs.

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Sending you good luck with your tests!

Hugs, Jan

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First of all I want to say best of luck on your scans!! I'll be praying for you!! Second I would like to say, THANK YOU for taking in those pooches, I LOVE dogs!! I have a Black Lab, and an Italian Greyhound that I rescued from my local shelter. Two years ago I had to put my Golden Retriever (best dog ever!) down, she was almost 12, so I'm saying that your lab/golden mix must be a blast, they have so much personality and their sure to always cheer you up!
Ayse: I don't trust those who don't like animals either.
Miles of Love,

New Flower
Posts: 4299
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We are coming with you just in case ...
Sending positive thoughts

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wishing you the best outcome with your tests. I think we all feel better when we can do something outdoors especially if you have a pet to walk with. Unfortunately I've never been a dog person. I did have my daughter's cat for 9 years but sadly he needed medical attention and was put to sleep while I was in a convalescent home recuperating from shoulder surgery a few years ago. You have always come across as such a strong and very knowledgeable woman and so we forget that you too have your own struggles. Remember, you are a survivor!
{{hugs}} Char

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I join in on wishing you the best! I'll be praying for you!

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Jean 0609
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Joined: Jun 2010

Hope you are doing okay. Did you feel better after your meldown? I know I usually do. Just keep walking!!!!

Love the picture of you and your sister.


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Adding my best wishes and prayers for you Cynthia!

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Cynthia, your pink sisters will be with you on Monday and Wednesday to hold your hand and to say lots of prayers that all will be fine! So, tell the techs and doctors to make room for us cause there are a lot of us! Praying for you!

Sue :)

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Ahhhhhh...the curative power of true friends~ both the 2 and 4 legged varieties. These tests are so un-nerving, aren't they? I don't know why I feel so compelled to be upbeat and friendly during these procedures; false courage a lot of the time. But I am everyone's favorite patient~ smiling, complimenting, non complaining. On the outside anyway, my inner self wants to cry and bolt out of there!

I am so happy you have both human and pet friends! I have loving pets as well; we rescued Cooper ( he was cooped up in a shelter for a few months) a ridgeback/something else mix a year ago~ the most pitiful face on the planet~he looks positively forelorn! I say he was darned lucky he was smart enough NOT to bark at the shelter when we were playing with him~ he has that houndy "roooo--rooooo-rooooo" head-in- the-air howl which may well have changed our choice then and there! I cringe when he has to go out after midnight and lets the neighbors know he sees something in the backyard!

We also have an intuitive Russian Blue cat~ he is for the most part aloof, unless he senses I don't feel well. He then becomes part of my body~ almost like a feline appendage! Sits on my chest, curls in the crook of my legs, and purrs in my ears. Not at the same time, of course.

I am so glad you have loving pets~ and a loving relationship with your sister! It is way more fun shopping, laughing, eating and getting feedback from a sister than a dog! Well, that's my experience, anyway! And my dog hasn't learned how to text message....a necessary evil in my world!


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Our pets are always so loving and always right there when you need them, just like yours are Cynthia. They can lift our spirits up when we are feeling down for sure.

They certainly don't ask for much except to be loved and ofcourse food. LOL

Wishing you clean reports from your tests.

We will all be praying for you and sending you peaceful, positive thoughts.

Hugs, Susie

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