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Good Check up~~

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Just had my 4-month checkup with my OB Oncol and it was all good. I know many of you have posted about what type follow-up exams we have and if they can follow the CA125 tumor marker. From day one, my doc has been able to follow my CA 125 since prior treatments it was around 500 and each chemo session it consistently went down and has stayed at around 5 range today.

Today I questioned my doc if we need another CT scan as we did a few at the beginning....he told me NO...unless I feel the need to have one. Asked him can the CA 125 be a good marker for recurrence and he told me yes, but can't follow this with everyone. In my case, it shows how the treatments helped it and today that it's stable....no cancer. Also he needs to hear from me if I feel pain and/or unusual sensations between my appts.

Asked him where else my cancer can go -- lymph nodes, lungs and vaginal area (vaginal cuff), his response.

Happy to be floating with NED for the past 1-1/2 years. Next stop, DEXA bone scan as last one 2 yrs ago showed some bone thinning at top of hip joint.

Thanks all for your support...you all have been a true blessing for me and I know I'd not be where I am today without each and everyone.....


Uterine MMMT, stage 3C, diagnosed 2/09

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Jan, it was so good to hear about your great results.....that is such GREAT NEWS!

Keep on doing all of the positive things you are doing....it is obviously working! Keep dancing with NED! Enjoy life, laugh a lot, and have fun!

I am so happy for you!


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Jan, I am so happy to hear about your good 4 month checkup. It's like a sunny spring day to get that kind of news! Enjoy!


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Great news Jan! All your good efforts are making a difference.

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Long may your NED continue. It's great to share good news.
Kindest wishes

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So very happy at the great news!!!

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*Very* happy to hear this news Jan!

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Now I can go on my Florida Spring vacation and really live it up....yeah!

Crazy how one little appt can get us all so edgy and feel like life has ended.

Happy Friday ladies!!

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Jan, what a great report!! The longer a person goes without recurrence the better the odds - yours look terrific.

If you will be anywhere near SW Florida, let me know - I'd love to connect with you. Enjoy the sun and dance on!!!

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Yes what you said about longer out without recurrence the better...exactly what doc told me yesterday.

We'll be at Fort Myers Beach -- March 21-28. Where are you?

Also did purchase book "Getting Well Again", by O.Carl Simonton. He talks about when have diagnosis go back around 18 months and think what was happening in our life...what kinda stress under? This must be such a huge indicator for pushing our cells over to the cancer side. Very interesting book. I can tell you I was on the FAST TRACK OF LIFE. One reason today not in a corp job and working part-time from home office.

Thanks for recommending this book...think I'm going to enjoy it and learn...

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I am so happy you continue to be NED. May you remain NED for a very long time. What a great CSA 125 result, too.

I am so glad you are going to get to go on your trip to Florida. I have chemo number two on March 15. Maybe I will up to meeting you and Mary Ann when you are in Florida.

Continue to enjoy each day, and keep up all the things you are doing to keep healthy. In peace and caring.

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Jan: You have answered a lot of questions for me. I was stage 1MMMT grade 3. and was wondering why my Doc does not want me to do a one year Scan. He said that he will wait only if it is absolutely necessary. I was having some pains in my lower abdomen and he said if I cannot bear them I should call him. I did a 14 day cleanse, very mild ( I was eating my regular meals) and amazingly, the pains have all subsided. My next app is March 23. I still don't understand why him and also my chemo doc says that ca125 is not a marker for me. Beats me! Any way thank God that you are doing so well and I pray that you and all of us continue being NED FOREVER!!!My love to you and every one else on board. June

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hopeful girl 1
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Congrats Jan on the good report. Enjoy your good health and keep up your wonderful habits!
I love when you share tips!

You have been a major source of inspiration to me, as I was also 3C!


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