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"Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M. (A Tribute for John 'snommintj' and Our Community

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In my ever-going search for music and lyrics that can be “adapted and applied” to our cancer journeys, I have found another song that so perfectly fits and describes how we have felt at one time or another since we all started this mess.

The message is poignant and still relevant – the words are very deep, strong, and powerful. And that’s just the way that I like ‘em….Real.

I was motivated to do this as I’ve been hurting for some time but have not reached out – I’ve just been quietly going about my business and fighting my fight. Just been walking down that Long and Isolating road. And sometimes that can be a bit too much, even for a hard-core fighter like myself. Rather than reach out for myself, I turn inward and quiet. It’s a character flaw, but then you guys know how messed up I am anyway, right?

The other night, John (snommintj) opened a post about “When Is It Ok to Throw In the Towel?” And his post has been rattling around inside my head since. Perhaps, it’s because I’ve seen a side of John that I’ve never seen before – and it touched me in many ways. John expressed a degree of vulnerability to his character and it has made me think more of him than ever as a result.

Perhaps, I saw this big, tough, ex-marine, and figured that nothing could puncture his hard exterior. John has been through a lot – has blazed many trails for all of us – and has fought as tough as any person that I know.

So, I’m dedicating this song to our fellow Cancer fighter, John, in hopes that he will listen to this song and gather the strength necessary for him to continue on. I know I’ve been listening to it and trying to do what the words tell me to do – “HOLD ON!”

This one is for you, John, and for the rest of the community as well.

“Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. is available for play out on my Expressions page.

Sincerely from my heart while it still beats:)

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love the song!

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has been one of my favorite groups since the 80s. they were big in alternative music when alternative was truly alternative. their lyrics are awesome written by Michael Stipe and a few other members of the group. i've seen them in concert here in dayton ohio and the day after my husband and i went to the marriot hotel to try to meet them. i stayed in the car and he actually met Michael Stipe in the gift shop buying a newspaper. he wouldn't give an autograph saying it wasn't his style, but my husband was not disappointed as this completely describes them, not flamboyant, but just trying to make good and real music. they have a huge archive of music, of which i have probably every cd they ever put out, even bootleg, but a newer song, for anyone who's faith falters, is Losing My Religion. Thanks Craig for the reminders.

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Thank you for sharing this.

If you ever feel like you are slipping, let us know and we will help you HOLD ON.


Marie who loves kitties

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Thank you Craig for sharing the song and I so hope it gives John some comfort!

Love and hugs to you both, Gail

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just love that song,


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...to you, darling cowboy mine!!!!

Thank you for the inspiring song!!! We are all in this together, after all!

BIG dutch hugs, Kathi

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Has always been one of my favorites. Very powerful.Thanks Laura

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Thank you so much for posting this song. At this stage in my own battle I really needed to hear it.

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Hi Craig,

This was nice of you! Thinking of you lately- wishing you well and a positive spirit.
Hugs and prayers!

Lisa :)

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Great choice! I've always loved that song. Interesting how things like that which were always favorites can take on a new, poignant meaning.


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My thoughts exactly Gail!
Thanks for sharing Craig!!!!

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This is a great tune and fits the subject to a tee.
Thanks, Tom

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when I'd hear it on the radio...it resonated with me. I finally bought the cd so I could listen to the song enough times to be desensitized, as I hated random crying jags instigated by the radio-play. Great song choice for our journey, Craig <3

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What a great song. I also listened to the Vince Gill song - very touching. Thank you for sharing.
Healing thoughts being sent your way.

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Nana b
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Hang in there Craig!! Focusing on one step in front of the other is tough, I know. Don't give up. Hopefully the weather will get better and lift all our spirits!!

I care!

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whenever i hear everybody hurts i think of all of us, escpecially john and you and just everyone.



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You'll never know how important it was for me to see/listen to this song right at this moment. Thank you

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Thanks for sharing that great song. I sat and listened and thought of everyone on the board. You are all dear, brave people. I wish you didn't have to hurt. I hope the love of those around you and those of us here ease the pain.
John - you are admired and loved.


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Beautiful Craig ... what a lovely tribute ... love this song. I use music alot too.
I'm sorry you are having a tough time too ... know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers too.


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