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RE .. Our dear Warrior .. Positive thoughts, and Prayers for your tomorrow, 2/18 .. Surgery a Go Go

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Re: I am positive that your are trying to keep yourself busy .. Pre-op testing, blood and scans performed.

Busy cooking last minute meals, washing laundry, house cleaning --- maybe you ran out to have a last minute pedicure, oh wait, that would be me.. LOL

Regardless what you may be doing today, please know that I am with you sending positive vibes and prayers in your direction. I am also preparing our 'Kindred Spirit' bus for the trip tomorrow. I have added a fresh veggie/salad bar to the bus, as we Sisters in PINK have been on several trips this past week, and the coffee and brownies are starting to add a few pounds to my buttock region.

You are a Treasured family member .. and I value your friendship immensely. I will be the sister to your left, going on and on about our 'cookbook', while fussing to make sure you are resting comfortable, and in no pain.

Strength and Courage,

Vicki Sam

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Bella Luna
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RE... you are in my thoughts and prayers. My wish for you is for an uneventful surgery and recovery. God bless.

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I have your back, dearheart!

BIG hugs your way!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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and wishing for the best result and speedy recovery.

Hugs, Renee

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I don't want veggies. If I'm on a road trip and sitting in a hospital waiting room, I'm gonna need (been hanging out with the grandkids -- they "need" everything) coffee and brownies. I'll veggie it up when I'm back home.

Seriously, I'm on the bus with everyone else wishing you well.


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Hugs and prayers for you!

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and a super quick recovery!!

I love the veggie salad bar and I hear that aisling is selling some
brownies on the black market in the back seats, so everyone
should be provided for (: And I see Chenheart has a Latte flask..

What a crazy bunch but all this good vibes are coming your
way, get ready!!


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I'm coming along to be with you too RE! The best of luck to you!

Sue :)

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I'm on that bus too!

Please let us know how you're doing when you feel up to it.

(((Healing Hugs)))

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Good luck RE. Positive thoughts heading your way!

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reserve 1, okay 2 for me! LOL

Twisted Sister in California, Vicki

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Posts: 9085
Joined: Aug 2009

Laughter is great medicine!

Thank you,

Vicki Sam

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Kristin N
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Sending my best positive thoughts!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Count me in. Sending lots of positive energy your way RE.



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Let me start over as my last reply went POOF after I wrote it all hence GRRRR! Vicki you hit it on the mark, I have been a whirl wind of house cleaning over here. As I type I am washing the bedding and last bit of laundry. I prepared a meal for Friday and my husband just laughed and told me to freeze it as he plans to get me whatever I am hungry for on Friday and Saturday, lucky me! In ref. to the pedicure while I have opted for a haircut which is scheduled for 2:30 today. Now if the nerves weren't going awry enough I spent all of last night in the ER with my baby sister who's husband's kidney's have ceased to function for the third time....he is only 45. There I was right next to him chatting away all evening when the nurse comes in and states in addition to that the tests have come back and he has a highly contagious infection, knowing I am scheduled for surgery they shooed me out the door and freaked me out a bit! Can you tell by all this rambling that I am a nervous wreck! I hate surgeries as I have such a hard time waking up, all this for a boob....geezz! Oh here is a funny for all of you, my surgeon gave me homework, I am practicing where my nipple should go by applying and reapplying those round little band aides...LOL! He said in the end the decision is his but he wants my input, how funny is that! I put the band aid in one spot and say to my husband so does this look right!

Okay enough of all my ramblings, ladies thank you for boarding this bus with me, I am going to print this out and take it with me to the hospital to remind myself that you are all there with me. Marcia, I love the pom poms and your little stick gal it truly makes me smile. Oh yes, I have now lost 28 lbs (can't get over the hump yet) and I would like a brownie with my salad please! ;-)

Love you all will report back when I am mobile.


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Well ... leave it to me to be the last one on the bus. I hope some of you will scrunch over a bit so I can squeeze in for the ride. And as far as the salad bar idea ... personally I'd rather sit near the brownies.

Sounds like you've had a busy few days RE ... and it sounds like you need to slow down just a bit ... so they don't need to chase you down the hall and tackle you to get you on the operating table.

So ... we'll all be with you tomorrow (you'll recognize me ... I'll be the one with brownie crumbs all over my face!) ... and we'll be waiting to hear from you after it's all over.

big hugs ... and love ...

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Can I squeeze in too? Good luck tomorrow Re! I'll be praying that it all goes easily! HUGS!!! Cathy

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I didn't know! Oh, RE, all the best. I know things will turn out fine. You are so wise to get the house ready and everything comfortable for your recooperation. I want to be there on that bus, too. I like the salad and the brownies. Let's see, I'll bring a big pot of comforting chili to add to the mix. Love you.


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RE I just love you and am praying that the surgery is quick, uneventful and hope you rebound quickly. Wish I could get some of your drive to loose 28 pounds, way to go RE!!!
Enjoy the brownie and may I please bring along some homemade choc chip cookies? Just love them as much as they love my hips.

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Prayers and positive thoughts for you RE. Will be praying for you. God Bless
(((Hugs))) Janice

VickiSam the fruit and salad bar sounds yummy!

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Megan M
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Wishing you good luck with your surgery RE!

Hugs, Megan

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Positive thoughts and wishing for good results for you! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs

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I'm on the bus to wish you positive thoughts,here's a funny for you I'm so excited today i got a breast form i feel like a new women i had a foam breast form,God bless you and your family I love your spirit i hope your brother in law is resting well also. MOLLYZ

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Just sending you my best, and looking forward to you posting after surgery. The bus ride sounds fun,,,,wish I could come along for the whole day, but I will be celebrating my 27th wedding anniversary with my special man. However, I have already told him he would have to wait until the afternoon to celebrate, because I was taking a ride with my friend RE, and all of our sisters. Good luck. Hugs, Judy

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I'm not missing another bus so if I have to hang on the roof I am going. I will bring chips and dip and soda for those that want some and wholesome veggies for those that don't. Seriously, RE I will be saying prayers and sending positive energy to you. I love the bandage nipples. I think you should tell the doctor that you are okay with his placing them where he feels is best but that you have decided you want star shaped nipples. After all you are a star and deserve nothing but the best. Oh, and can they light up. You never know when you may want to try a new career path or at least entertain the hubby. LOL

Hope all goes well and post when you are up and able.

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Love ya Re, Keeping positive thoughts. Post when you up to it. Pink has your back.

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I think we need a double-decker bus to fit us all. Best wishes for a fast recovery.

Marsha Mulvey
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Wishing you the best for your surgery tomorrow and a speedy recovery.

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...I'll be in the back of the bus with Victoria and Cousin Natly selling black-market brownies and cookies...pony up, ladies -- all proceeds to go to the ACS!

Vicki, a SALAD BAR?!? Bloody hell, girl, what were you thinkin'? Black market baked goods are SO much sexier....I can even do a cheesy Boris-and-Natasha accent for extra effect, if you want....

:-) Traci

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Best of luck to you tomorrow and hope everything turns out great! Keep us posted when you feel up to it. Hugs and love, Linda

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Claiming a victorious outcome and a quick recovery :D



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wishing you the best Re !!!

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Prayers for you, RE!

Don't leave without me, I'm getting on the bus too!

Much Love and Prayers,

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Open up that door, I'm climbing aboard. I have a brownie in one hand and a cocktail in the other, I'll try not to spill, and of course save you a bite RE. We have so much in common, I'm scrubbing my house as we speak in case chemo on Monday kicks my butt. Best wishes to you dear and post when you can :)
Miles of Love,

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I haven't been on here in a few days but "me too, me too!!"
I'm bringing the beer ;)
I also make a kick-a** taco dip that we can munch on.

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Thanks everyone for such great support! My house is clean, loose clothes are laid out, tummy is full from a nice dinner with my hubby and I am just about ready to hit the hay for the night. I am honored to be on a bus with so many wonderfully loving, caring, funny and hungry ladies! I am planning on partaking at least virtually in those brownies, cookies, chili and salad it all sounds yummy! I am going to print this out so it is with me tomorrow.

Love to you all,


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Christmas Girl
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... (huff, puff) ... behind the bus, because it left without me!

OK - I made it to the waiting room. Pass the veggies, please. And, yes - coffee, any kind will do.

Kind regards, Susan

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pretty crowded but it's my day off and I'm going to squeeze in somewhere. I'll take some of those "black market" brownies. I am sending positve energy and keeping you in my thoughts Re.


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RE, I'm here, too. I was actually hiding in the back of the bus eating the brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Do I have crumbs all over my face? Seriously, I am thinking about you and sending positive energy to get you through the surgery and recovery. Please let us know how you are doing, when you are able, of course. Sending (((hugs))) and love.

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RE you are in my thoughts here to a speedy healthy recovery, di

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