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A Positive note

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I have faced a lot of adversity over the past decade or so. I watched my Mom fight a recurrence of breast cancer she had in 1973. It came back in her bones & lungs-they gave her a year at best- that was Christmas 1992...the week before she died she was in Vegas. She passed in June 1997. I was my husbands caretaker after complications from type 1 Diabetes for 4 yrs. He passed in July 2007 @ the age of 47. We lost his brother to bone cancer 8 weeks later @ 55 yrs old. I was dx with stage III OVC in May 2009. I lost my job 3 weeks into chemo. I've been thru countless rounds of chemo & have had many many down days. I've learned our healthcare system is just short of a joke @ times & financial stress is like my morning coffee. And after this last treatment I have not bounced back like I normally do. My CA125 has jumped up to 152. I guess the point of my whole statement is that all of us here most likely have similar stories... and no one is looking for pity. Maybe a hug... Point being..we ARE all here. We're here sharing our trials, tribulations & victorys. I get up every day & walk at least 2-3 miles & while I walk..I chant these 2 mantras to myself.. "I'm alright-I'm ok..I'm going to beat this anyway"..and when I get real attitude- I chant "I REFUSE to lose". Just wanted to share this with you for whatever its worth. In Good Health... Beth

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cancer survivor x 4
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This is what I chant everyday about 50 times a day. "Please God, Please God". Paula

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You have had an enormous amount of adversity and I admire your "refuse to lose" attitude. The thing about us going through all we do is that real life goes on around us and we need to be able to cope with that as well. My brother is going through chemo for pancreatic cancer and my 92 year old mother-in-law is nursing home bound this week. I'm used to being the one who caretakes and it's so hard to not be able to help them the way I would like to. Here's a ((HUG)) and we ARE all still here and fighting like the survivors that we are!

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hello Beth,
thank you for this post
we are all fighters and all need to support each other,
my chant everyday - Failure not an option and of course - God is in control - all will be ok.


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You ladies are AMAZING!!!! I pray so hard everyday!!! It's like you saud, we aren't looking for pity, sometimes we just need a hug!! we fight so hard and so long sometimes we just get exhausted!!! BUT we shake it off and go right back at it!!!! and as someone posted on another thread, SOMEDAY THIS BEAST IS GOING DOWN!!!!!!!! :) ((((HUGS)))) to everyone!!!


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Just wondering if you are on Social Security disability or have found another job. You are eligible for disabilty if you have ovarian cancer w/ malignant ascites (even if the ascites is better now). It may not be much but it is better than nothing. And you can earn up to $1000/month without jeopardizing your benefits.

Good luck,


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