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Not ready to give up yet

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So...I don't even know what to say. It's been more than a year since my husband's diagnosis of primary liver cancer. That it has been a year is making me nervous today because I haven't heard of many that make it past a year. Nexavar did more harm than good and it was discontinued two weeks ago. I have to keep the faith and the positive attitude because it is the only thing that has helped us this far. Prayers are powerful. We have an appointment to see another doctor next week but I'm not sure that my husband even wants to go now. I am not good at giving up.

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what is his story? what is his general health like?

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Hello dear Sarah

I ve been looking for your posts lately, i m really concerned about your fathers health condition.

How was the results of his last scan?

Hope all turned out to be well.

All my best wishes!!


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There are suvivors out there to offer encouragment to you and others. I was diagnosed with Stage IV liver cancer in June 2008 and given 7-30 days to live. I started Nexavar the next week to buy some time. I am now cancer free. I wholeheartedly believe my success with cancer and the Nexavar was due to optimal nutrition. I know this battle can be extremely discouraging for the patient and the caregiver. Hang in there, we're fighting with you.


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Thank you everyone. This is an example of the ups and downs that we go through when a loved one has liver cancer. I strive to be strong and positive but once in a while it all gets to me. Unfortunately, I was sick with pneumonia and staying strong for my husband was difficult.

We have been concentrating on nutrition. We do not eat red meat anymore and eat chicken or chicken soup only once in a while. we are eating lots of vegetables, fruits, grains and cereals. Fish also once in a while. My husband is drinking a nutritional shake and taking multi vitamins. So, for anyone out there, my unofficial advice is to concider good nutrition. For my husband, nothing else has worked as well.

We are going to the specialist in San Francisco on Wednesday. Our doctors here have nothing else to offer so we hope that there is something in San Francisco. Even if the answer is no we know that although he still has liver cancer he is doing better with the change in nutrition.

We were at the hospital yesterday to remove fluid from his abdomen, ascitis? does anyone else have a lot of trouble with that? It gets so bad that it interferes with his breathing and his daily activities. I am going to ask the new doctor if there's anything else they can do to avoid so much fluid getting to his abdomen so quickly. he takes a water pill but I get the sense that it may need to be monitored better.

Thanks for your support.

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My husbands ascites was horrible. They'd remove 5-8 liters at a time and within a week it would be back. After they started giving him albumin, the accumulation slowed down incredibly. I found out through the liver transplant ARNP that egg whites have an enormous amount of natural albumin. She recommended that I hard boil eggs and through the yolks away, then use the whites in salads, etc. It seemed to help. 4-6 per day, though. My husband hated it!

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