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Made it to another birthday!

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Today is my birthday. i am now 44. :) Last year on my birthday I was in ICU after my debulking surgery. I remember crying and my husband (my AMAZING husband) telling me, it's ok baby, next year your Birthday will be awesome! My nurse and my respiratory therapist came in my room and sang Happy Birthday to me. At that time I was SURE i wouldn't make it to my next birthday. BUT here I am!!!! it was such a tough year but I made it!!! I am here, I am NED, and I am SOOO happy to be alive!!! Although I didn't do anything special today, it has been THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! I have an AMAZING family and AMAZING friends. Everytime I look into the face of my grand daughter ( who graced us with her birth last june) I thank God that I am so Blessed. I have so much to fight for AND fight I WILL!!!! to my last breath I will fight this!!!! CANCER SUCKS!!! just needed to vent a little. :)


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I hope your day was surronded by loved ones. It is wonderful to have another birthday no ,matter how old we are. We appreciate how precous life is and take time to enjoy. Hope you had lots of cake and a cocktail. Continue to be ned...val

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So happy to read your celebratory post! Where would we be without family and friends?! Yesterday, February 16, was an emotional day for me.

- Joy! I was thrilled to celebrate my youngest son's 21st birthday!

- Sadness...My oldest son's friend Sarah passed away from cancer (darling newlywed, mid-20's, www.sarahchidgey.blogspot.com/)

- Relief! A dear friend's son (23) got clear reports after fighting lymphoma then testicular cancer for several years!

- Happiness, reading about your NED birthday. Cheers!

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Thank you so much!!!
Yes it was definately an emotional day. say Happy birthday to your son for me. So sorry about Sarah, I've said it a million times in the past year CANCER SUCKS!! and it sucks even worse when it takes the life of someone so young. I pray everyday a cure is found. maybe one day we will find it. Maybe one day cancer will be cured by getting a vaccine just like polio is now.( we can pray and hope). So glad your friends son is clear!!! Congrats to him!!! may we ALL have MANY NED birthdays!!!!! ((((HUGS))))


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Happy Birthday! Cancer does suck...it sooooo sucks. Isn't it amazing what a new perspective we have about b-days. My youngest granddaughter was born while I was in the hospital for my debulking and the nurses were so kind, listening to me go on about how I wanted to be there. She'll be five this May and you bet I'll be there to help her celebrate her milestone (and mine too).

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Happy happy happy Birthday Sandy. And you can vent all you want. I will vent with you.

Cancer sucks...cancer sucks...cancer sucks. One of these days... "the Beast is going down".

Sending you a HUGE birthday hug.

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Thank you so much everyone!!!! It's funny how I used to try to sneak by without anyone knowing it was my birthday, but this year I am just SO happy to be here for it!! My family and friends have been amazing and I am SO lucky to have them!!

Wishing all of us MANY MANY MANY MORE BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!


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So glad you are having a good birthday. To me the best birthday is to be with my family.
You are so right cancer S U C K S !

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Happy Birthday, Sandy! Wishing you many more amazing birthdays!

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I turned 69 last year and because I wasn't sure if I would make it to 70 I gave myself on heck of a birthday party. It was so much fun.

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