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New and I need some information, please

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I hope all is feeling okay. I just found out my brother has stage 3 stomach cancer. I am just starting to research this and I was wondering if anyone could help me. First I was wondering if stage 3 has different levels, what are they? What i've read, is that this stage after the initial endo to tell what stage it is they always have to to do surgery to see what lymp nodes may be involved and if its spread, is this correct? Once they have determined you have this stage of cancer do they wait 6 months to do treatment? From what my brother has said, they will be going in thru the navel, remove the cancer do 3 montyhs of chemo and it will be over and gone. From what I've read, its not this simple and there is alot of pain involved and they can't just remove it thru the navel. I don't like asking for this kind of info, but I really need to know the truth about how this is.

The reason I've come to you is because my family was told a few years ago by my brother he had another type of cancer, but no one was aloud to see him, by his choice and his then wife he was divorcing said he was never sick at that time and the woman he was involved with during this supposid chemo said there was no way he was having chemo. So my family dicovered he had lied about it. And now we are hearing this again, and its not making sencse. So i thought I would come to a place where people know the truth. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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