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Okay - Fibromyalgia

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Saw a rheumatologist today at the recommendation of my onc. I've had a ton of problems with muscle spasms and muscle pain both with Arimidex and now with Tamoxifen. I was ready to give up, but my onc wasn't. The rheumatologist said he counted 18 out of 18 tender spots and believes that any slight irriatation from my meds is intensified because of the fibermyolgia. But, my fibromyalgia is secondary to the effects of the meds and, in actuality, is a mild case. So, he prescribed quinine capsules, which have to be made up by a pharmacist. I'll start on them tomorrow night. I was told that quinine helped with muscle spasms and cramping. So, I drank tonic water before going to bed at night. But, it didn't work for me, maybe because it wasn't strong enough. (OR maybe I should have added gin or vodka? LOL) So, I'll see how the prescription works. Maybe there is hope for those of us who have extremely painful and frequent muscle cramping. I'm hoping this will allow me to stay on my tamoxifen. Maybe this post will help someone else. Hugs, Marilynn

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Thanks Marilyn!

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I got a chuckle out of you saying--"maybe you should have added gin or vodka!" to the quinine. Hey--it might not have helped, but after a couple of belts--you wouldn't have cared!
Keep your chin up--I have a feeling you're going to be getting some relief soon.

Gentle hugs,

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Thanks and let us know if it works! Good luck!

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and have had leg & foot cramps. I also have fibromylagia. I called my onc yesterday and requested that the labs include electrolytes and be done prior to my 3/3 visit. I don't know why they always order them after the visit. Good grief, the labs keep the samples and any concerns that arise from the visit could be ordered using those samples.


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I have that medical condition also. It's very debilitating. I take muscle relaxer that doesn't work very well, unless I catch it at the beginning of an attack. I just read on my lidocaine patch medical papers insert that they could be use in the area that pain is howling. Next time, I am going to try one.

I have never been given the green light to go off a cancer med. You will be staying on your.

Best to you.


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thanks for posting this info. Although I only have osteoarthritis I too was experiencing a lot of foot and leg cramping for the past year - even before bc. I have the bar of soap in the sheets and drink a glass of tonic water every night before bed. I still get the cramps but not all the time so I don't know if there is also something missing in my diet. Please let us know whether the quinine capsules help.
{{hugs}} Char

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