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People with similar situation please help us to figure out what to expect!

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My mother was just diagnosed with lung cancer that has metastasized to her back. She had a surgery last week to remove part of the tumor below her shoulder before it reaches the spine. The surgeon told us that he couldn't remove all of the tumor from her back but he is not worried about the rest that can be eliminated by other treatments. He said that he is worried about the primary cancer in her lung. The oncologist is still waiting for the the biopsy report to come out to tell us what will be the course of treatment. I am really scared and don't know exactly what to expect. Anybody on this website has had lung cancer that metastasized to the back can tell us about his/her experience with this disease.

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Hi day. Sorry about your moms diagnosis. I know how it is when your told you have lung cancer. I'm sorry I can't tell you anything about the met to the back but this is a great site and you will get all the info you need here. Take care of your mom and yourself too. you will be in prayers, Gary

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