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Round two with Ecoli infection from marker placement.

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As I posted previously, I became septic and positive for Ecoli after having my markers placed for my CK treatments. The Cipro and other anibiotics failed to do their job. After seven days, I was discharged from the hospital with a seven day supply of Bactrim to complete the treatment. As it worked out, I should have had a fourteen day supply vs the seven day. As a result, I had a second episode with the Ecoli as it was never fully cleaned up. This led to another three days in the hospital with more antibiotics to stop the infection and dreaded fevers that come with the infection. This time I was discharged with fifteen days of Omnicef to complete the treatment. Still have a few days left of the Omnicef and once completed I will have to have a UA culture completed to ensure that I am free of the Ecoli bacteria. I will then for the THIRD time reschedule my CK treatment. I am really frustrated with the CK treatment delay, but am still very determined to stay on track. Kongo, I was happy we had a chance to talk about the set back and as always, appreciate your support and encouragement! Am sharing the ups and downs of my journey so that all can learn from my experience as well from all the others who have taken time to post their experiences.

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I do hope that you soon recover from your bout with the infection and can press on with your treatments.


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That was an unpleasant experience. I hope you recover the soonest and that you may successfully start your PCa treatment.
Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Wishing you the best

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