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WBS- on endos desk now -- OY!

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Is the waiting the worst or what.

Waiting on WBs following RAI

I guess I am lucky- as only waiting about a week to hear- so keep calling the office who finally chceked. On desk- waiting for endo look at then nurse will call me ...

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I have found out that if you call and ask about them it normaly gets looked at sooner.

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The waiting is diffently the worst. I had my full bodyscan done on the 9th of this month and have an appointment with my Endo on Monday to dicuss the results. Hate not knowing anything to many things going through my mind. If this is such an "easy cancer" why am I going round 2 with it? Sorry just venting I quess.


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I sympathize Shawna. The waiting is the worst part. This is not an easy cancer. No cancer is "easy". Try not to let in encompass all your thoughts though. I have been through three surgeries and two RAI's. It's difficult to have to wait to know the outcomes of your tests. I guess I am really lucky, my doctors call me immediately so that I don't have to wait for my appointments. You are allowed to vent here especially. Hoping for the best for you tomorrow. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. You will get through this.

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