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Anyone interested in the vaccine approach to cancer might want to check out:

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"Despite Setbacks, Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine Trials March On", tho not much yet for CRC, at


which has some prety interesting stuff on their site.....such as another item having to do with ineffectiveness of Avastin for us stage 3ers....

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We looked at one european maker's vaccine trial for international patients, we were too soon, so no issues whether to or not.

Other immunostimulating therapies include cimetidine (only for elevations of CA19-9 and CSLEX/e-selectin biomarkers), PSK, PSP and acemannan from aloe vera. Some technical people have worked with colostrum and "immune milk".

Cimetidine and PSK have the most conventional data. PSP is cheap but may be more harsh on red blood cells and platelets. Acemannan in aloe vera, which can be grown at home and eaten fresh after preparation, has a fair amount of science and lots of home user experience.

Disclaimer: We have used generic cimetidine from one month presurgery, the JHS' "US clone" of PSK from 3 months post-surgery (late!), and are considering to get aloe vera plants. I wish we had started PSK or aloe presurgery with other supplements.

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i have read


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type of brain cancer but nothing for CRC......whether this avenue of attack pans out remains to be seen tho we must all remember researchers are trying to help us.....Everyday something gets published from somewhere on this planet pertaining to cancer research.......steve

PS: another site to check periodically is ecancermedicalscience.com

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