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We are meeting with the colon surgeon

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tina dasilva
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So today we are meeting with the colon surgeon and the radiation doctor to see what we are going to do before surgery and I will be asking about the radiation is it 5weeks or 5days and what about chemo .I'm hoping he don't need radiation so we would love some good vibes thanks everyone hugs to all Tina

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Don't know if I'm right, but I'd guess he's getting rads five days in a row instead of once per week for five weeks. Were it me, I'd look forward to radiation as it does seem to bring help in shrinking tumors quickly.

I'm rooting for you <3

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Here they come the good vibes


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Let us know!

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I will pray for you both!

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I did the radiation,and chemo for 5 days on,then 2 days off for 6 weeks,at the sametime.It worked very good at shrinking the tumor so they could get it all,so far.I had stomach cramps,and pain the last couple of weeks,and lost about 30 pounds.But I gained it all back plus some.Good luck.

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