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No problems...

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Hi all...
My Rituxan infusion went really well. The pre-meds made me very tired and I ended up sleeping through the whole process. Came home, had diner and then fell asleep again for another 3 hours. Headed to bed now and will let you know if anything new comes up tomorrow with the R. So far so good though..."totally do-able" and beats the heck out of the chemo treatments! Hope everyone had a love filled Valentines Day...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Hi Sue,
I am so happy to hear that your infusion went so well. Hopefully you are sound asleep and very comfy. I'll check in tomorrow and see how your night went.
peaceful healing

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Music to my ears!!!! anything is better then Chemo!!!! lol...... Good luck Sue

miss maggie
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Hi Sue,

Good morning sleepy head. I am sure your body was telling you something. I needs lots of sleep. So happy the Rituxan treatment went so well.

Always in my thoughts. Love Maggie
DX 09/09 extranodal marginal zone B cell NHL remission Jan 2011

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I posted on another thread asking about the R. So far it is thumbs up I see. I know you are still having the effects of the past Chemo with being tired. Just checking to see if the R had any effects or not. You will know more later I am sure. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

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Hi Sue,

I'm glad everything went really well for you yesterday. I used to come home really tired after my rituxan and it would last for a day or two. I think it was because of the benedryl. Now when I get the rituxan for my RA I get the benedryl but I no longer get the tiredness. Go Figure.

Love, Leslie

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Hi all,
Well..I slept great last night and today I feel good except I'm still kind of tired and sluggish. I think the pre-meds from yesterday are still in my system a bit and without the prednisone surging through me I'm thinkin the pre-meds did a double whammy on me. Thats ok though..there's nothing special I need to get done so I'm just chillin out and going with the flow. It's a rainy cold day here, so staying in and being lazy seems like the right thing to do..."works for me". Made Chili and corn muffins for diner..perfect food for a yucky day! ha! We are going to a boat show on Friday..(Steve's taking the day off), so I'm really looking forward to doing that.Hope everyone is having a good week.
Love..Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)
P.S. Tom posted some pictures on his expression page showing the skin cancer he has been battling...wow...really makes me stop and think about all of the years of tanning I did...NO MORE for me! Anyways..you should visit his expression page. He posted a recent good picture of himself also.

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Hi, Sue,

Sounds like your experience was better than the pred, right? Nice and mellow!! What a relief for you. Enjoy the boat show.


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Great news Sue, I knew you'd come through with flying colors!!


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