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Valentine's Day date with the I.V. pole

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I don't know exactly what's deemed "long term" but I just wanted to share that on February 14th, 2006, 5 years ago, I had my last date with Chemo. I've reached 5 years! I am soooo grateful for that. I just thank God for each and every day.

If you don't mind, I'd like to drop in every once in a while and bask in what I hope is a long term survivor!

Big hugs to all-


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With the shock to the system that a diagnosis of cancer brings I felt like I lost 10 years of my life right there so that's what I mean by long term at diagnosis.

Congrats on your 5 year survivorship - it's a big number in cancer survivorship - after 5 years good shot at putting cancer behind you in many cases as you no doubt know.

Before you know it you will be in the double digits of years of survivorship.



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I think long term for breast cancer is 5 years. I think from diagnosis but no one really explained. So I think there is room to wiggle there. I'd say you were long term. Congrats!

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I think I will sneek a peek in here...LOL! LOVE the pom-poms :D

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Happy belated V Day, Sylvia and congrats on the long-term survivorship!

Take care,


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