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All clear, and ready to 'Live my Life' ... or so I am told!

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Everything went well, even tho I was anxious .. My new girls, Barbie and Bambi were introduced to the entire Oncology Ward.

The girls made their grand entrance into Oncology today .. As Regina was busy examining me, my doctor came in, neglecting to close the door. Meanwhile, many patients along with loved one .. walked by looking into the opened 'room' === glancing at me, while Doctor M, and Regina (PA) .. pushed, pulled and ogled the girls. I gently excused myself, walked pass both of my 'medical' professionals to closed the door. They looked at me, and I looked at them, then .. we all had a good laugh! Yes, my boobzilla's were the 'hit' of the day.

I had a list of questions to ask Dr. M, and he answered each and every one. He also agreed to order an MRI, on my next visit. I have no health insurance, so I will be paying for the MRI, myself .. Okay, what can he say? UCLA, along with NC CN guidelines state, no. I push forward.

No drug or hormones needed .. Year long Herceptin took care of that .. DCIS - Stage 1, Grade 1A, aggressive - dense TCH chemo infusions, along with my option for a bi-lateral, and subsequent reconstruction .. no mam mo needed, as well.

My only follow up .. is blood work - every 3 to 4 months, for the next 5 years. My option .. is to also include .. MRI each year.

So, I hugged and greeted each and everyone of my health care professionals associated with my treatment .. along with handing out cup cakes .. and a few pages of my 'BOOK'!

We have been out and about all day, and Dr. M left a message on our home voicemail indicating he is interest in reading more of my ''Breast Cancer, book'' .. how awesome is THAT!!!!!

My breast Cancer book has turned into 2 .. over 22 chapters! Still gathering recipes for 'our' Breast Cancer' Survivor Cookbook as well!

Hap Hap Happy ... Sister in PINK - WARRIOR, SURVIVOR ... Ned 1.1 year, and 1 counting..

Vicki Sam

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That is wonderful news and I know you feel so relieved now. Sounds like you
have a great medical team, who supports you as a person and not just the medical issues.

:) congrats and hugs,

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Relief, girlfriend!!


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So happy to hear your great news! I know how worried you were and I'm glad you can joke about flashing everyone at the office - I'm sure they all enjoyed the show!

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Wooo Hooo I am celebrating with you Vicki!!! And I'm sorry, but I have to admit, I got a laugh from the girls making their appearance to "everyone" at the doctors office...lol... thanks for giving me that laugh today... I needed it~~~~!!!!~~~~

Congratulations and great big celebratory ((((HUGS))))


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Bella Luna
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This is FANTASTIC news! I am thrilled for YOU! Your book sounds like a terrific read too. Congratulations to you.

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Kristin N
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Happy for you.



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Congratulations on the "birth" of the twins Barbie and Bambi. What a wonderful attitude you have towards all of this. When I do my own reconstruction, in a couple of months I think, I will try my best to take your lead.

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Oh the names for the girls are sweet! I am so glad you are doing well!! Congratulations! I am all clear too. Thanks for the sense of humor Vickisam!!!!Carlie

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Megan M
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You make me smile VickiSam! Congratulations!

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I was kinda stressed out today but you made me laugh. Best of wishes

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I was kinda stressed out today but you made me laugh. Best of wishes

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You crack me up!! I'm SO SO SO happy for you!! It's awesome to hear someone is in the clear, it gives me hope! Thank you for sharing your story about the babes, that made my day as well. Here's hoping you have many more of these "clear" visits and may you rest at ease knowing you have beat the beast into remission. CONGRATS again dear, BIG HUGS and,
Mountains of Love,

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Complete & total AWESOMENESS!!!

Marsha Mulvey
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and Happy Valentine's Day too!

New Flower
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Congratulations, I am very happy for you.
Have we (pink sisters) made to your "cancer book" or it will be book # 3?
New Flower

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Congratulations, Vicki Sam! xoxoxxo Lynn

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That is fantastic news. Congrats. I am so happy for you. I would like to see your cookbook when you are done with it.

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you crack me up! congratualtions!!!!

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Truly wonderful news Vicki Sam! Interested in your cookbook too!

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on your wonderful news. This is just the kind of thing we all like to hear. Finish your book and enjoy.


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Your day was awesome on so many levels. The girls were admired by one and all. You are doing great. And the doctor wants to see more of your book. So glad for you.

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That's awesome news. Would you be willing to share your 'book' even though you're not completely done with it ? I am a newbee and would love to have some of your wisdom.
thanks, Sue

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We have a talented group of WARRIORS here on our site. As you can tell we have multiple topics that go back several years... Everything under the sun is discussion, openly, honestly and with love.

I have learned so much from our Kindred Spirits here -- as we are a family. We care about each other. We celebrate, cry and cheer .. in good times and bad. I like to refer to our group of WARRIORS .. that offer over 100 years of accumulative experience.

Are you gearing up for chemo, surgery or radiation, Miss Sue? Please let me know.

Strength and Courage,

Vicki Sam

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Double Whammy
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So happy the news was great, VickiSam, and that Barbie and Bambi made such an impression on everyone.

Tell us a little about your book. Is it about your breast cancer experience?


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Thanks for writing back so quickly. I am thrilled to have this group since you all know how it is to go through this !
I was diagnosed with IBC, a Stage IIB ( it had made it to one sentinal node ), 2.5cm tumor in early Sept. I had a lumpectomy and am almost done with chemo. I had 4 treatments of A/C ( wow , was that hard ...got very sick with it ), and have 2 of the 12 treatments left of Taxol. Once the Taxol is finished at the end of Feb, I will have 2 weeks off and then start 6 weeks of rads. So, all in all, I should be done in early May.

Thank all of your for being there for us 'new' folks !
Hugs, Sue

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So very glad to hear that. And I WANT one of those cookbooks :P

Big hugs,


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Rejoicing with you, sister!

Good for you on taking control and getting an MRI. I don't have insurance either. That takes courage on your part! Good for you!

Glad the boobzillas - Bambi and Barbie - were such a hit! :)

May your dance with NED be ongoing! :)

Much Love,

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Now that is what I call a great Valentines day gift! So pleased to hear you are in the clear and you are going to get that MRI you want.

Big Hugs,


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It is inspiring to see someone who has gone through all that I am going through make it through to the other side. Congratulations! You have a wonderful sense of humor. I believe that a sense of humor is vital to our survival. May you continue to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

It is now 2:39 a.m. and I am going to try to go back to sleep (once again, it's those damn decadron!)

"May you be at Peace; May you be free of Suffering."

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GREAT news!!!

And, as far as the 'peep show'....you know, in Europe, it is not considered to be anything to be without a top on the beach...so, the line could have been "Well, I'm on my way to the beach, and just thought I'd stop in for a chat"....ROFL!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Can I ask where you go for rads? Is it Vantage Oncology? Same names as my Doc and PA. Thanks. Diana

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Happy for you...

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So happy for the good news! It is very exciting about the book too! Keep us posted. God Bless
(((Hugs))) Janice

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That is great news. Glad you're able to get the MRI--just a little more peace of mind. Take good care, celebrate (I know you will) and keep working on those books!

Hugs, Renee

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Congrats to Barbi and Bambi and of course to you!!! Vicki you the former "chemo queen" have been such an inspiration to me. When we were both in the throws of chemo you had some wonderful and practical advice for me and it worked for my diet and other various side effects. As I recall there were days when you thought you would not make it and look at you now ready to Live Life. Let that be a testament to all the sisters currently going thru treatment and those doing a repeat performance. Love you Cousin Vicki and would love to meet you in person along with all the other West Coast cousins and pink sisters.

We need your spunk on these boards and I'm so very happy that you are in daily contact with us. Hip Hip Hooray for a true Warrior and Survivor!! ((((((((((Hugs))))))))))

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Reading this! I am so happy for you! Glad your girls were the "hit" of the day!!

My best to you always!


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Good to hear your happy news.... celebrate and enjoy! Hugs

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Wow, you & Natly both declared NED on the same day! Completely awesome! Congratulations! Yes, previous "Chemo Queen", you sure have been through some H-ll! I remember all too well praying for you so hard to just give you a break already! You have indeed come a long way Baby!! Your strength, determination, & courage set an example for so many of us,(& continues to) and you truly give so many Hope! And to maintain a great sense of humor throughout it all....you are one tough Cookie! I hope that you will continue to share all that you have to offer with those in our shadows.
Hilarious about the girls!! What else can ya do? Isn't it amazing how much modesty we have lost throughout all of this?!
That is great about the book! Is it finished? When can we expect publication?
Enjoy your dance with NED, and if you don't mind, when you & Nat are done, can you send him my way already??!
♥ Always,

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this happiest of news! I can envision the entire day~ seriously, since BC I don't know what modesty looks like anymore!

( . ) ( . )



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Christmas Girl
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All the way around! Indeed!

Happy and relieved for you!

Kind regards, Susan

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and tell Barbi and Bambi that they best behave! lol So very happy for you Vicki Sam! This is just the kind of news I was praying for!

Sue :)

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Fantastic VickiSam! I am so happy for you and relieved at the same time. I can't wait to read your book as well. Way to live! Pitt

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You live it up, sweet sister, you have been through hell on your journey. You are an inspiration to many and your sense of humor is always appreciated. So, live it up and get that book published. Also, congrats to Bambi and Barbie on their "coming out" party.

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I know you can rest easier now. I love hearing good news. Go treat yourself to something yummy.

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jo jo
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Congrads on all the good news...im so happy for ya and im glad to see you havent lost that humor.
By the way you look good in your profile pic...you go girl!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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You paint a picture of a wonderful day, filled with good news, sharing, joy, and laughter...what a testament to your strength. Congratulations!

Happy, Happy hugs,


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Jean 0609
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I see you still doing that happy dance!!!! Keep on dancing. Sending you a big cyber hug, my friend.


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What awsome news!!!!!

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First of all GREAT news. My "girls" have been shown to everyone east of the Mississippi. No more being modest.


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