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Daughter's Biopsy

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Well, the biopsy has been done. My daughter kept hearing the words, "We better get one there, that doesn't look good." She said she's laying there thinking "Hey, people I'm awake laying here, I prefer not to hear those words at this moment"!!!
They took 5 different sections (don't know if that's right word)and we won't know anything until approximately two weeks from now.
A little prayer or two her way and a few good vibes if you don't mind, as we play the waiting game again.
Winter Marie

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I would be upset too. I'll hope and pray for good results. Sorry you guys have to wait 2 weeks. try to keep busy, mind off this. I know! Spring Cleaning! Spring is almost here.....Blessings from Lourdes Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!

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Winter Marie,
Of course you and your daughter are in my prayers. I agree that 2 weeks is a long time. Keep in mind that you can pick up results whenever they are ready from the hospital or lab. Those results belong to your daughter. Some people don't like to do that but they must release them to you.


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My daughter prefers the head in the sand attitude at the moment, so I'm not expecting her to go out of the way to get the results.

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Praying for your daughter Marie.

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I'm going to be out of here for a while, I see the word cancer and all I can think of is my daughter, I've always said, don't worry about the what if's, but her "what if's" are very possible. So I'm going to spend my time on bended knee, praying to whatever deity that will listen, that the word cancer, isn't a word labeled on my daughter. She is the light of my life, the thought is more then I can bear. I had fully expected news that would be good, scared it isn't so now. So I will check in to see how Kerry is, and if OGrammy01 did well from her surgery, and if anyone has heard from John23 but these will be quick checks. I find I don't mind the word "cancer" in relationship to me, now it's a small cross to bear for my self, but not cancer in relationship to my daughter.
Love ya all,
Winter Marie

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Good thoughts are headed your daughter's way. I really hope all turns out to be fine for her. It sounds like she didn't have a professional handling her biopsy; that is really inappropriate for that person to say. Take the time you need; we will miss you + look forward to her return.

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Totally understandable, Winter. There is just no good way of waiting out the "waiting" game, because there is nothing one can do but wait. I am sending you and your daughter all the positive energy and, although I don't know her at all, I will visualize her surrounded in white, healing light. Thoughts and prayers are one and the same thing when sent out for a common purpose. We are here for you, girlfriend! Know that in your heart!


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Oh, dear.

I'm so sorry that you have such a long time to be so scared and worried. Praying that the results will be fast and GOOD.


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Take Care !

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I will keep vigil until we find out that all is well..Love to you and yours, Clift

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praying that the results are good. sorry to have to wait so long. Hang in there... Petrina

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Marie - Lots of good vibes and bright sparks to you and your daughter. Two weeks is a long time to hold your breath. We're with you all the way. I hope you are feeling well and strong.

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