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Hello all. I am new to all of this.. Any suggestions or comments on how to get around??

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Welcome to this board. It is chock full of wonderful people and great advice. Do you want to tell us a little bit about yourself?

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Welcome to the group...I'm a newbie too so probably can't help you much on cancer questions yet, but I can offer friendship and support while you're going through this stuff. There are a lot of great people here who will definitely answers most questions you'll have :)

I'd suggest that you copy your cancer story that you put on your profile into this thread, to make it easiest for people to get to know you and see where you are at in treatment. As for getting around here...Check your profile for friend requests and private messages as you can. Start a new thread anytime you have a question. Read the questions others present as their issues/answers are often very helpful to your own situation.

Read other's stories to learn of their success in beating cancer...it helps a lot to see that it's not impossible to beat the odds the docs hand out.

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The best thing to do here is to give us some information about your treatment plan and any questions you have. Be as specific as you can about what chemo you are taking and I imagine there will be someone who has had it and can help you with your quesitons.

In the mean time we are here to offer emotional support as you go through this journey.

Marie who loves kitties

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Welcome....Sorry you have to join us on this journey. Do you know what drugs are involved in your Chemo? Many of us have been on FOLFOX for 6 months ( usually every two weeks ), but there
are many other treatments.

Depending on what meds you take there is usually someone around here that has had the same treatment and can let you know what to expect as far as side effects.

There is no such thing as a dumb question.....so ask away!

Hydrate...Drink as much as you can.

Breathe and try to relax.

Take Care,


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I'm sorry you have to be here,just ask what ever questions you might have,and some one will have some answers for you.Good luck.

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It's bitter-sweet why people are here but welcome. Usually, one asks questions pertaining to their situation (if you have cancer or if you're a caregiver looking for input) then there is almost always someone who is or has been in a similar situation and can answer your questions.
Sometimes if you are looking for a particular type of chemo like FOLFOX for example, you can type that into the search box on the top of the page in this forum and all related posts will pop up. Sometimes that works fine and then other times it's good to ask specific questions when you can.

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Checked your profile and saw this question:

"Does anyone know how this chemo affects you as far as side affects?? The first round made me deathly sick and dehydrated..I didnt lose my hair or anything which was a blessing but I was told that round 2 was worse then round 1, but then my Dr told me that round 2 was easier.. Can anyone help me with that?"

Can yo tell us which chemo regimen you are on? Folfox? Folfiri? Erbitux? There are a few, and each has different side effects. Once we know that, several people will chime in with their experience on that treatment.

Ask questions here on the board, not everyone will look at the about me page.

Good luck!

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Hi! Sorry about your diagnosis, but glad you've found a group that can help you so much in your journey.

I read your question perhaps a bit differently than others. Were you asking about the site? How to achieve certain tasks? Let us know what you are having trouble with.


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We are all in a similar situation. Some are closer to other's symptoms. This is where the board shines. If someone tells how they solved a symptom, then others learn also.

Else, this is a place to vent. No one holds anything against each other for speaking their mind. Sometimes we need a place to speak our mind, to others whom understand the stress and strains of cancer.

Probably the worst day of my life when I heard I had cancer. The second worst day of my life was when I heard I have a reoccurrence.

Again, Welcome!
Best Always, mike

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If you mean get around in here looks like your doing fine...if you want to PM (private message) someone then on the home page find and click on "home" it should be in the upper right side...then click on"new mail" then click on "write a message" then put the exact same name as the person has it spelled Capitol letters and all ..then put a subject in there, then write your message..then click "send message" and thats how you send a message. To add a friend to your group you simply click on their avatar then down at the bottom of their personal page there is an "add to your friends list"..click on it and when they come into the site there will be a green highlighted writing that reads "add so and so to your friends list?" if you want to then simply click on it and it will tell you that you have added so and so to your list...
When you want to reply to a post simply hit reply and type in whatever it is you want then hit"submit" ..thats pretty much it.
and welcome to the place no one wants to be in but are certainly glad they found.Love to ya....buzz

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Thank u all for the very helpful information.. I will start with reading stories.. and thanks for welcoming me in the group!

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if you wanna know, ask and you shall receive....lol.....we have a Spirituality, Religion, and Meditation site on here if interested we have a caregivers site in here and all sites for different types of cancers...you name it there will be a specific site in here to posy about it...We all have one thing in common...and that is to help each other in any way possible...we talk about everything from poop to peanut butter so let your hair down, grab your PJs and have a sit....you will find this everything I think you want in dealing with our new lifestyles....and yes, we have an answer for everything.....Love, Hope, and Welcome, buzz

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