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Freddie Kruger and the Rocks

Donna M
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Joined: Jul 2010

I either feel like some one shoved rocks up my rear, or that my last rectal exam was done by Freddie Kruger. Any suggestions?

mp327's picture
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Hi Donna--

I don't know quite what to say about this except that I always have an awareness, if you will, of my anal area. It's not pain or discomfort, itching or irritation--just an awareness at all times. It's strange, but I'm used to it now. I'm sure you are still in healing mode--things will get better with time.

Donna M
Posts: 25
Joined: Jul 2010

LMBO (and I wish I COULD) I am always "aware" of my anus. But lately it feels like it is either full of rocks or someone took a razor blade to it. It is not an all day thing (most of time thank goodness!) but around 3pm, like clockwork, it starts hurting. I feel like have a rock up my bum, then comes that lovely feeling of razor cuts (think paper cuts) all around the area, inside and out. I can't take aleve, ibuprophen or anything will actually reduce the inflammation because of my heart. I just went back to taking my Percocet to get to a "bearable" point. I am so tired of this! My last CT showed thickening of the intestines which means they are inflamed. I am on a low residue diet so I have no idea what could have inflamed them except the radiation I went through 6 months ago. I was put on a steriod burst because the intestinal pain was so bad I couldn't laugh, cry, cough or walk without pain. It worked for all of 3 days. I am just so frustrated. I want my life back!

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So sorry you are having so much pain; sounds like you need more treatment and maybe some pain management.
I send you blessings and prayers that your pain will be better soon.

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Well i honestly hope this is not going to be one of those sequals you hear about in the future...

I feel for you, I know those exams can be quite painful depending on who is doing them. I dread my appointment on Thursday this week as he will do one of those plus do a scope or two...I gauge how bad the exam is going to be by how many enemas I have to do...and this one is two so I know it will be a doozy. I have learned to take some tylenol before hand. That helps a little bit with the discomfort before and after. for me it does not last long but that is not the point. Maybe that will help a bit for you. I don't know if anyone takes advil or ibuprophen (same thing?) but that is a good anti-inflammatory. That's about all the information I have to offer right now. Hope some of it helps.

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