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Lung cancer which has spread to the esophagus?

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My father is currently experiencing this and to say it's horrendous to watch/live through is an understatement.

The tumor has closed his esophagus to the point where he's only been able to drink liquids for the last 11 days. Even then, he has to take tiny sips.

He's currently on Alimta every 21 days. It's his second line of chemo. Currently he has only had one treatment so far, roughly 5 days ago. The Oncologist thinks Alimta will help shrink his esophagus tumor, but so far nothing has changed.

Thank the Lord they have products like Boost and Ensure on the market. At least they provide some sort of nutrition and much-needed calories.

As his daughter, I feel absolutely helpless. I've purchased many different drinks hoping they'll provide some sort of nourishment, but even items like V8 are too thick for him to swallow. :-(

Does anyone have any experience with this?

(Already having lost my mother to cancer when I was 19, now having to deal with my father's cancer 8 years later is, to say the least, Hell all over again.)

Bless you all.

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but, is there a reason why the docs have not done radiation to shrink the swelling?
There are other people who can probably give you tips to help your dad through this; wishing you the best,

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Well, the Oncologist said he was trying to avoid radiation, but there's a very real possibility my father will have to have radiation done anyway.

I guess we'll see what they say at our next appointment (this week-ish)...


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I have stage 3b lung cancer that had went to my neck,i had radiation and chemo and i can feel his pain .i got where all i could eat was ensure in little sips , my swollowing is still not the best but the dr gave me something called magic mouthwash that did help a little. it took about 3 to 5 mths to get back to soilds , i will pray for your dad and you.

god bless

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